What was the serial number of the 1903 Springfield rifle?

What was the serial number of the 1903 Springfield rifle?

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY US MODEL 1903 RIFLE SERIAL NUMBER RANGES SPRINGFIELD ARMORY US MODEL 1903 RIFLE SERIAL NUMBER RANGES (Including Rock Island Arsenal, Remington, and Smith-Corona production) SPRINGFIELD ARMORY PRODUCTION OF MODEL 1903 [Dated by calendar year: January – December] 1903116000 19041600167000

How big is a Springfield Armory Model 1903?

*LOT OF FIVE SPRINGFIELD TYPE MILITARY RIFLES. *LOT OF FIVE SPRINGFIELD TYPE MILITARY RIFLES. Cal. 30-06. All 24” bbls. 1) Springfield Armory Model 1903 Mark I. SN 1107374. This is a Mark I Springfield *SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 CAL. 30 SPORTER. *SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 CAL. 30 SPORTER. Cal. 30. SN 1295362.

How much does a Springfield Armory barrel cost?

Springfield Armory 1903 w/1943 barrel .30-06 springfield us military 24 inch ” PRICE: $1,575.00 MANUFACTURER: Springfield Armory

When did Springfield Armory stop making the M1903A4?

The second “block” of “03A3” numbers was used only to about 4168800 before cancellation of contract ended “03A3” production 28 February 1944. In March 1944, with receiver Z4002290, production of the M1903A4 was ended.

When did the Springfield Armory M-1903 come out?

Price Adjustment !! This US Springfield Armory M – 1903 was an early mfg about 1903 – 5 w/the punch marks locate at the bottom of the recei,ver. This was to indicate that it was checked for a …Click for more info

What was the serial number of the M1903A3 sniper rifle?

On 18 January 1943 Remington directed to divert from production 20,000 M1903A3 rifles for conversion to the U.S. Rifle M1903A4 (Sniper’s). Rifles #34070883427087 (from the first “block” of numbers) were diverted, and the first “03A3” converted was delivered in February 1943.

What was the model of the Springfield Armory?

*SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 MARK 1. Cal. 30-06. SN 1182857. This is a nice example of a complete Mark 1 Springfield with Pedersen Device, magazine, *SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903.

US Model 1903 Springfield Rifle Serial Number Ranges. -Introduction of nickel steel at SN1275767. – Introduction of improved heat treatment at SN285507. – Introduction of nickel steel at SN319921.

What was the last serial number of the Remington 1903a3?

This so-called last SN is an approximated end-number only. It is based on a Rochester Ordnance District Memo to Remington dated February 17, 1944 listing SN 4208782 as a rejected rifle failing to meet the parts inter-change test requirements. This rifle was inspected just 11 days prior to termination of all M1903A3 contract production.

Why did 11 Springfield M1903 receivers fail in 1917?

The failure of 11 receivers in 1917 was believed to be due to human error in the heat treatment process of the receivers, but after the change to double heat treatment there were four receiver failures, three Springfield manufactured receivers, and one Rock Island manufactured receiver (Hatcher does not provide the serial number).

What was the model of the Springfield rifle?

I have attempted to put the risk of Springfield receiver failures into prospective using simple statistics, thus permitting the interested reader to make his own decision about the safety of the Springfield rifle receiver. The U.S. Model 1903 rifle, commonly called the Springfield, was used by the U.S. Military between 1903 and 1945.

What was the Springfield Model 1901 gun made of?

The Springfield Model 1901 prototype combined the cock-on-opening bolt, 30″ barrel, magazine cutoff, stock and sights of the Krag-Jørgensen with the dual locking lugs, external claw extractor, and staggered-column magazine of the 1893 Mauser.

When was the M1903 Springfield replaced by the M1 Garand?

It was officially adopted as a United States as the standard infantry rifle on June 19, 1903, and saw service in World War I, and was replaced by the faster-firing semi-automatic eight-round M1 Garand starting in 1936.

When was the new Springfield rifle cartridge made?

The new American cartridge was designated “Cartridge, Ball, Caliber .30, Model of 1906”. The M1906 cartridge is better known as the .30-06 Springfield round used in many rifles and machine guns, and is still a popular civilian cartridge to the present day.

What is the serial number for the M1903 rifle?

U.S. Military M1903 & M1903A1 Rifle: Springfield Armory: Covering numbers: 1 – 1548621. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

How to calculate 1903a3 production and serial numbers?

1903 and 1903A3 Production and Serial No table. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Month Actual Accredited Inspection & Approval Accredited Inspection & Approval Calculated & Factory Factory Invoice Final End-month Year Production 1 To Ordnanc e 2 Ordnance Apprl. 3 Serial Numbers. 4