Who is Harry Hills daughter?

Who is Harry Hills daughter?

Winifred Millicent Hall
Frederica Aster HallKitty Clover Hall
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What age is Harry Hill?

56 years (1 October 1964)
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Harry Hill was born on October 1, 1964, in Kent, which makes him 53 years old. The English comedian is best known for hosting his TV show Harry Hill’s TV Burp from 2001 to 2012 and for being the narrator of You’ve Been Framed from 2004-2017.

Why does Harry Hill always mention Swaffham?

Nowadays in the show, Hill makes regular obtuse references to the Norfolk market town of Swaffham, in reprisal of the serious injuries he once received in a bizarre bird attack in the town. Additionally, whenever a woman vaguely resembles former host Lisa Riley, Hill refers to her as his “arch-nemesis”.

Does Harry Hill do come dine with me?

Paras on Twitter: “So Harry Hill narrates over Come Dine With Me. I knew that voice was familiar”

What is Harry Hills connection with Swaffham?

Is Swaffham a good place to live?

This busy market town is situated in the heart of the rural Brecklands area of Norfolk and is definitely one to watch as house prices are still relatively low. Part of our Top 200 Places to Live series.

How rich is Dave Lamb?

Dave Lamb net worth: Dave Lamb is an English actor, comedian, and presenter who has a net worth of $4 million. Dave Lamb was born in London, England in January 1969. He is well known for appearing on the series Come Dine with Me and for presenting the CBBC game show Horrible Histories: Gory Games.

Why does Harry Hill keep mentioning Swaffham?

Where should I not live in Norfolk?

Top 10 Worst Crime Areas in Norfolk

  • Norwich.
  • New Catton, Norwich. (775 crimes in Jun 2021)
  • Great Yarmouth. (634 crimes in Jun 2021)
  • Lakenham, Norwich. (545 crimes in Jun 2021)
  • Southtown, Great Yarmouth. (445 crimes in Jun 2021)
  • Gaywood. (400 crimes in Jun 2021)
  • Mile Cross, Norwich.
  • New Sprowston, Norwich.

How old is Dave Lamb?

52 years (17 January 1969)
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Who does voiceover for Come Dine with Me?

David Alexander Lamb
David Alexander Lamb (born 17 January 1969) is a British actor, comedian, narrator and presenter. He is best known for his work on Come Dine with Me as well as appearances in British television and radio programmes, especially comedy programmes like Goodness Gracious Me.

Is Norfolk expensive to live?

Norfolk has a very reasonable cost of living, with average monthly expenses for an individual at around £600 – excluding rent or mortgage payments. Utility bills can be as low as £40 per month in a rented flat, but will increase if you choose to rent or buy a house.

Who is Harry Hill from TV Burp married to?

Harry Hill was born on October 1, 1964 in Woking, Surrey, England as Matthew Hall. He is a writer and producer, known for TV Burp (2001), The Harry Hill Movie (2013) and She’s Not Dead (2007). He is married to Magda Archer.

When did Harry Hill and Magda Archer get married?

He married Magda Archer in 1996; the couple raised three daughters. He developed a musical based on The X Factor (UK), a reality show created by Simon Cowell.

What are the names of Harry Hill’s children?

5 Harry married illustrator Magda Archer in 1996 and they have three daughters, called Kitty Clover, Winifred Millicent and Frederica (Freddie) Aster. 6 Four years ago, Harry was a victim of identity theft when almost £300,000 was stolen from his bank account by fraudsters.

Where was Harry Hill born and raised in England?

Harry Hill was born on October 1, 1964 in Woking, Surrey, England as Matthew Hall.