Will a 20 gauge slug drop a deer?

Will a 20 gauge slug drop a deer?

20 Gauge will get it done for Deer The 20 Gauge will drop a white tail no problem. Good sabot rounds if you’re using a rifled barrel will do just fine. Some of the new Remington loads have more down range energy than the old 12 gauge rounds do at 100 yards.

Will a 16 gauge slug kill a deer?

A 16 will hammer a deer or bear. Keep em at 50 yards if you can hit a decent group. 100 if it will group that far. Well a slug for deer would be more effective but a 16 gauge is bigger than a 20 gauge and smaller than a 12 so no its not under-powered by any stretch.

How far can a 20 gauge slug shoot?

As a general rule, a 20 gauge with a full choke barrel shooting shot charges can be effective out to a maximum of 40 – 50 yards. A slug fired from a 20 gauge set up for slugs may be effective out to about 100 yards.

Is it worth buying a 16 gauge shotgun?

A few shotgun manufacturers offered up 16-gauge guns for the diehard fans, but many of those guns were built on 12-gauge frames. The 16-gauge is an ideal upland gun. It carries like a 20-gauge, but hits like a 12. The 16-gauge might have died if it weren’t such an excellent upland load.

Is there a 12 gauge version of a 20 gauge slug?

Because the newly designed slug in 20-gauge will do everything most deer hunters would want. Fritz says if all goes well with the 20-gauge version, he’ll start developing a 12-gauge equivalent next. “I looked at the popularity of the 20 gauge, especially with ours, the Savage bolt-action [Model 220] and the Remington 870,” says Fritz.

How big of a slug do you need for deer?

A 1-ounce Foster is devastating, though not particularly accurate when sent through a non-rifled barrel, but it’s generally useful for deer that are within 100 yards. Slugs take thousands of whitetails each hunting season, especially in those states that require their use.

What’s the best range for a slug gun?

One of the Holy Grails of slug-gun hunting is developing a round that is accurate and powerful at longer ranges, up to and even exceeding 200 yards. Bad things can happen to a slow slug between here and there.

What kind of shotgun is used for deer hunting?

The hollow, bore-size Foster slug developed in the Depression era and popularized by Winchester and others, arguably is still the most popular among those who are required to use shotguns for deer hunting, or simply prefer a slug gun as a “woods gun.”