Are Stoeger shotguns made by Benelli?

Are Stoeger shotguns made by Benelli?

Stoeger is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benelli, which in turn is owned by Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta. Besides marketing a line of tactical and hunting shotguns as well as air rifles, Stoeger also serves as an FFL for importing firearms by Uberti, also a member of the Benelli/Beretta group.

What is the difference between Benelli and Stoeger?

The Stoeger m3000 is a fine gun but not quite as nice as the Benelli. With the Stoeger you get most of the performance of the Benelli at less than half the price. Only you can decide if the additional performance is worth the additional cost.

What other shotguns are made by Benelli?


  • 121, 121 SL-80, 121-M1 (12- and 20-gauge)
  • M1 Super 90 (12- and 20-gauge)
  • M2 Super 90 (12- and 20-gauge)
  • M3 Super 90 (12-gauge, hybrid semi-automatic or pump-action)
  • M4 Super 90 (12-gauge)
  • Raffaello (12-gauge)
  • Raffaello CrioComfort (12- and 20-gauge)
  • Raffaello Crio 28 (28-gauge)

What kind of system does Stoeger model 2000 shotgun have?

Inside the Stoeger Model 2000 semi-auto shotgun is the Inertia Driven® operating system.

Is the Stoeger P3000 a copy of the Benelli?

The P3000 comes with an improved cylinder choke rather than a full set of chokes as many more expensive shotguns come with. As many readers know a number of Stoeger shotguns are near copies of Benelli shotguns and the P3000 is no different.

Is the Stoeger shotgun similar to the Benelli Nova?

This shotgun is very similar to the Benelli Nova. The bolt assembly is identical as far as I could tell.The bolt assembly sits between the dual action bars just like the Benelli. While the Stoeger has an MSRP of $299 the Nova has an MSRP of $400.

What kind of shotgun is a model 2000?

The Stoeger Model 2000 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12 gauge.