Can you trade in Adventure Quest?

Can you trade in Adventure Quest?

We cannot transfer anything between accounts or characters including Guardianship, items, Z-Tokens, gold, etc. Players cannot trade or transfer anything to other players in-game.

What is a guardian in Adventure Quest?

Guardians are characters in AdventureQuest who are able to access all the features of the game. They generally have an advantage over adventurers, such as being able to purchase considerably powerful items from shops, the ability to level to 10 on all classes, and the ability to access the game any time they wish.

Can you give items in aqw?

We are sorry, but we cannot transfer anything between accounts or have trading in-game.

Does ballyhoo give AC?

Ballyhoo has not given out ACs for months at this point. This fact was acknowledged by Alina who said she would look into getting a new advertiser to bring them back. This never happened, so ACs no longer drop.

How can I get free artix points?

You can earn free Artix Points by participating in special advertisement offers! Most Offers require you to sign up to a website, answer a survey, buy something, or sign up for a trial.

Is AdventureQuest safe to play?

You cannot get a virus from playing AdventureQuest! Our game is a web browser based game which means you play it directly from our website

Do they still update AdventureQuest?

AdventureQuest is still updated weekly, has monthly events, and thousands of dedicated players.

What is artifact rarity Aqw?

Artifact’s definition is: 1)An object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest. Therefor the Artifact rarity is when a item is of significance to the heritage of a culture or historically.

How do I get Yami without Ronin?

There are 5 ways to get it:

  1. Complete a quest with the rare 2,000 AC Blademaster class (Rank 10)
  2. Complete a quest with the rare 2,000 Legion Token Blademaster class (Rank 10)
  3. Complete a quest with the new 2,000 AC Swordmaster* class (Rank 10)
  4. Complete a quest with the new 2,000 Legion Token Swordmaster* class (Rank 10)

How much AC do you get from ballyhoo?

Ballyhoo is a recently implemented free source of ACs. More than 90% of the time, you’ll receive gold, but occasionally, you’ll receive 5 ACs.

How do you become a guardian in AdventureQuest?

Another way of becoming a Guardian is to receive an upgrade from a friend. This mode of upgrading involves getting someone else to help donate, thus upgrading your account into that of a Guardian.

Are there any quests that are only for Guardians?

Many quests and events are Guardian-only (for example, the Custom Weapon Quest ), and most events begin as Guardian-only features and unlock to Adventurers at a later date. For older classes, the latter five skills for a class may be used by Guardians but not by Adventurers.

What do you get in the Guardian shop?

The Guardian shop has many items that a person may use to aid him/her in their battles. Some items are outdated and made obsolete by many newer items, but items that are post-sweep can be a character’s best choice for their level. Upon upgrading to a Guardian, the Adventurer’s no-drop weapon the Long Sword is replaced by the Guardian Blade.

How much does it cost to become a guardian in Minecraft?

There is also a great list of Guardian Perks on the Forums! Your character receives an extra 10% boost to receive more gold and experience, You receive free Z-Tokens and gold with the upgrade. The X-Boost is only $5 at the time of purchasing a Guardian upgrade or $9.95 after you have already become a Guardian.