How Can podcasts be used in community services?

How Can podcasts be used in community services?

Podcasting can help community media centers improve community outreach and community engagement. Schedule episodes designed to discuss community issues and possible solutions. Interview engaged community members to continue the conversation addressing community issues.

What are blogs and podcasts?

A blog is a website based journal or log of information created and provided by the writer. Most blogs are text based but can include images, video and audio. A podcast is an RSS Feed that has an audio component. Many blogs include an RSS Feed and or a podcast.

What is the difference between blog wiki and podcast?

Previous knowledge Match Blog An audio or video file that is broadcast via the internet and can be downloaded Wiki A web page with regular diary or journal entries. Podcast A collaborative web space, consisting of a number of pages that can be edited by any user.

What are wikis blogs and podcasts?

Wikis are Web sites that can be edited by anyone who has access to them. The word ‘blog’ is a contraction of ‘Web Log’ – an online Web journal that can offer a resource rich multimedia environment. Discussion: Wikis, blogs and podcasts are all relatively easy to use, which partly accounts for their proliferation.

What are the disadvantages of podcast?

Disadvantages of Podcasting

  • Accessibility for some audience can be an issue. Internet is required for people to access the podcasts and it becomes difficult to reach to a wider audience if internet is not available.
  • Finding and reaching to your audience.
  • IP and content protection is difficult.

    Does listening to podcasts improve English?

    Podcasts are a great way to learn English. Not only can you hear real English conversations, so you can tell how words are pronounced, but you can listen to them anywhere, and pause or rewind them whenever you like — you can really learn your way!

    What is the difference between podcast and blogging?

    A podcast is a digital audio file made available for download on the internet. Example: The Joe Rogan Experience. A blog is an educational, informative, or entertaining website where new pieces of content — blog posts — are regularly published. Example: Matt Mullenweg’s personal blog.

    Why do social workers need to listen to podcasts?

    Listening to podcasts is a great way for busy Social Workers to expand their practice knowledge, stay up to date in the field and develop the tools they need to manage the everyday challenges of their Social Work jobs.

    What’s the latest episode of Social Work podcast?

    [Episode 123] Today’s episode of the Social Work Podcast is the second of a two part-series about Dr. Lisa Damour’s 2019 text Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls.

    Why are blogs, podcasts and wikis so popular?

    Discussion: Wikis, blogs and podcasts are all relatively easy to use, which partly accounts for their proliferation. The fact that there are many free and Open Source versions of these tools may also be responsible for their explosive growth.

    How often does Buzzsprout Social Work podcast air?

    London, England, United Kingdom About Podcast Three friends that happen to be social workers discuss current social issues from their front room. Expect debate and hard hitting real talk with a sprinkle of top drawer humour to keep it moving. Frequency 2 episodes / month , Average Episode Length 43 min Podcast