How do I compose a message?

How do I compose a message?

To compose and send a new message:

  1. Click the Write icon on the center panel to display the Compose tab.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the recipients who should receive your message in the To field.
  3. To send a blind copy to a recipient, click the Bcc icon.
  4. Enter the subject of your message in the Subject field.

Where do I write my message on an email?

When you write an email, you’ll be using the compose window. This is where you’ll add the email address of the recipient(s), the subject, and the body of the email, which is the message itself. You’ll also be able to add various types of text formatting, as well as one or more attachments.

What are the parts of an email message?

Date and time received (On). The date and time the message was received. Reply-to. This is the Internet email address that will become the recipient of your reply if you click the Reply button. Recipient (To:). First/last name of email recipient, as configured by the sender.

Which is the email address of the sender?

Sender (From). This is the sender’s Internet email address. It is usually presumed to be the same as the Reply-to address, unless a different one is provided. Date and time received (On). The date and time the message was received.

What should the subject line of an email be?

Subject. Subject is a description of the topic of the message and displays in most email systems that list email messages individually. A subject line could be something like “2010 company mission statement” or, if your spam filtering application is too lenient, “Lose weight fast!!! Ask me how.”

What is the definition of an email account?

Email is the transmission of messages and files between computers or smart devices over a(n) ____. network An email account is an electronic mailbox you receive from an ____. email service provider

What are the parts of an email?

An email consists of three vital components: the envelope, the header(s), and the body of the message. The envelope is something that an email user will never see since it is part of the internal process by which an email is routed. The body is the part that we always see as it is the actual content of the message contained in the email.

What are the sections of an email?

Internet email messages consist of two major sections, the message header and the message body, collectively known as content. The header is structured into fields such as From, To, CC, Subject, Date, and other information about the email. In the process of transporting email messages between systems,…

What are the parts of a message?

Messages are primary, secondary, and auxiliary. A message can be divided into a five-part structure composed of an attention statement, introduction, body, conclusion, and residual message.