How do I troubleshoot my CCTV DVR?

How do I troubleshoot my CCTV DVR?

10 Common CCTV Problems and How to Fix Them

  1. Verify camera power and connection.
  2. Discover and ping camera.
  3. Know username / password.
  4. Check ARP tables.
  5. Confirm no IP conflict.
  6. Upgrade firmware.
  7. Reboot camera.
  8. Check cabling.

What to do if all cameras display no image on the DVR monitor?

Is this an existing camera that was working and at some point had video loss? Follow these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Test Your Power Supply.
  2. Check Power Supply Box Fuses.
  3. Test Camera on a Different DVR Port.
  4. Use a Test Monitor.
  5. Use a Test Cable and Spare Power Supply.

How do I fix CCTV not recording?

Check your CCTV and DVR settings and make sure that recording is permanently enabled, or that it’s enabled for the period of time that you’re troubleshooting. Some devices can be configured to record footage only at certain intervals.

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How do I reset my DVR to factory settings?

To factory reset the device, unplug the DVR from power. Once power is removed from the unit, press and hold the factory reset switch for 4 – 5 seconds, continue holding the reset switch and plug the DVR’s power supply back into the unit, you will hear a beep.

Why is my DVR not working?

Try the following steps to help solve many minor DVR issues: Make sure your equipment (TV and cable) is properly connected and powered on. Make sure the coax cable is connected to the outlet. Remove any objects around your receiver to allow proper ventilation.

How do I know if my DVR hard drive is bad?

Indicators the Hard Drive on your DVR may have failed

  1. When the DVR is powered down, Remove the cover from the DVR.
  2. Inside the DVR you will find 2 main components, One is the Motherboard, the other is the SATA Hard drive.
  3. At the back of the SATA Hard drive, you will see 2 connectors.
  4. Now try and boot the DVR again.

What causes security cameras to stop working?

Video loss or weak video signal on security cameras on a wireless network segment could be caused by unstable network connections, a weak WiFi connection or low internet bandwidth. There are too many physical barriers between your camera and the router. WiFi signal interruption and interference.

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Will DVR still record if unplugged?

Although unplugging your DVR won’t cause you to lose any saved programming, it will affect other features. However, unplugging your DVR will interrupt this recording. When you plug your DVR back in, you won’t be able to access the parts you missed or earlier portions of the program.

How can I break my DVR admin password?

Here are the ways you can recover from a lost password.

  1. Use the DVR factory default password.
  2. Use a DVR password generator.
  3. Update the firmware and reset the DVR.
  4. Reset the DVR by removing the battery.
  5. DVR physical reset with jumpers.
  6. Delete the password file by using telnet.

How do I unlock my DVR account?

2. Reboot the DVR by using the rear toggle switch or by unplugging. When the unit powers back on try and login with the default username and passwords. If neither of these passwords get you into your system you will need to email us at [email protected] and request a Master Password.

What to do if your DVR says hard drive is missing?

Confirm that the DVR recorder is in fact recording video by going to the video search menu and confirming there is video being stored for your cameras. If the Hard Drive status window shows the drive (s) as being absent, or continues to display and Error status, that hard drive will need to be replaced.

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Where is the best place to install a DVR?

This reduces the length of cable runs, the amount of cable needed, and generally makes for a very easy installation overall. Attics and crawl spaces are very common and grant easy access to the cable coming from your cameras.

How to check if your DVR is connected to the Internet?

Check the network to see if it is connected – check if LINK or 100M LED is displayed normally on the panel; use ping (DVR IP) to check if the internet is linked properly

How do I add a show to my DVR?

Setting up a recording is fairly straightforward. When you see shows, movies, or other content in the app, the Plus icon with the word “Add” underneath indicates you can add it to your DVR library. Just click the icon and it’s added. For a series, clicking the icon sets your DVR up to record current and upcoming airings.