How far will a 35 Whelen shoot?

How far will a 35 Whelen shoot?

The 35 Whelen is about the best all around caliber out there. While not nearly as popular as its parent cartridge the 30’06, it is easy to reload, has some great factory ammunition now being made by Hornady, Remington and Barnes, and has an effective range for most all big game out to 400 yards.

When was the 35 Whelen developed?

The . 35 Whelen was developed in 1922 as a wildcat cartridge. Remington Arms Company standardized the cartridge as a regular commercial round and first made it available in the Remington model 700 Classic in 1988. It has since been chambered by other arms makers in bolt-action, semi-automatic and single shot rifles.

Is a 35 Whelen good for elk hunting?

The Whelen is also an excellent cartridge for pig hunting on any continent. 35 Whelen will neatly handle all of the North American ungulates, including moose and elk, and if trajectory is a concern, the 225-grain bonded-core spitzers will offer a good blend of terminal performance and flatter bullet path.

How good is a 35 Whelen?

35 Whelen is perfect for black bear and wild hogs, exceptionally hard-hitting but amazingly mild in both recoil and muzzle blast. In this role, and at closer ranges, it’s not substantially better than lever-action cartridges like the . 348 Winchester, . 358 Winchester, and .

Is a 35 Whelen good for deer?

35 Whelen is at its best w big heavy bullets. Trophy Deer – OK, as who doesn’t want the trophy to drop immediately. A mans blood pressure can only take so much… Normal deer hunting – too much gun.

What is a 35 Whelen comparable to?

The . 35 Whelen and 9.3x62mm Mauser have very similar ballistics with the 9.3×62 having a slight edge in power and with the Whelen having a slightly flatter trajectory.

Is a 257 Roberts good for deer?

The . 257 Roberts is a great all-around deer cartridge, so it’s too bad that it’s so difficult and/or expensive to get your hands on one.

What is the best 35 Whelen ammo?

I can highly recommend two loads for the 35 Whelen, the 200 gr Hornady Superformance for Deer and Hog and the 250 gr Nosler Partition for African PG.