How much is a Ruger Single 6 worth?

How much is a Ruger Single 6 worth?

What is a RUGER SINGLE SIX pistol Worth? A RUGER SINGLE SIX pistol is currently worth an average price of $710.94 new and $557.27 used .

What is a Ruger New Model?

The Ruger-57 is a full-featured handgun wrapped around a standard capacity, 20-round steel magazine, chambered in the high performance and low-recoiling 5.7x28mm caliber. The most touted feature of this new pistol is its impressive ergonomics.

When did Ruger stop making 3 screw single-six?

But Ruger stopped making them in 1973 and they have become more and more collectable and valuable. The name 3 Screw is in reference to the 3 Screws on the side of the frame. The new models have 2 pins.

Is the Ruger Single-Six still made?

The Ruger Single-Six is a single-action rimfire revolver produced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. The Single-Six was first released in June 1953. The Single-Six is currently produced as the New Model Single-Six….

Ruger Single-Six
Sights Fixed or adjustable iron sights (the Hunter model has provisions for mounting a scope)

What’s the name of the new Ruger Single Six?

The Single-Six is currently produced as the New Model Single-Six. The term “New Model” simply means that this model includes Ruger’s transfer bar mechanism for increased safety, allowing one to carry the revolver safely with all 6 chambers loaded.

What are the barrel lengths of a Ruger Single Six?

The New Model Single-Six is currently chambered in .22 LR, .22 WMR (.22 Magnum), and .17 HMR (initially offered with a second cylinder in .17 HM2 ). Barrel lengths include 4⅝, 5½, 6½, 7½, and 9½ inches, available in both blued and stainless steel .

Which is the best single action Ruger revolver?

New Model Single-Six ® revolvers are the perfect small bore single-action revolver for plinking, small game hunting or serious competition. Windage- and elevation-adjustable rear sights help put you on target and keep you there. Chambered for affordable rimfire shooting.

What’s the serial number on a 50th anniversary Ruger?

* 50th Anniversary Model produced within 268-prefix range. The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year. This number should be used as a point of reference only.