How much is a savage renegade shotgun?

How much is a savage renegade shotgun?

So now, at 7.9 pounds (in the 28-inch barrel version) and with a MSRP of $1,449, Savage is bringing its Renegauge to market.

Are Savage shotguns good?

The Savage produces less recoil than competing semiauto shotguns and, perhaps most importantly, it cycles everything from light target loads to magnum waterfowl loads consistently without the need for manual adjustment. It’s a low-recoil, no-hassle alternative to earlier semiauto shotgun designs.

Does Savage make a semi automatic shotgun?

Description. Engineered to handle hot loads and mild, low-recoil shells, the Savage® Renegauge® Field Semi-Auto Shotgun features an innovative D.R.I.V. (Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system, offering consistent ejection, reduced recoil, and fast cycling for maximum dependability.

Which is the most accurate Savage 12 gauge shotgun?

As of 2018, Savage sold the 212 (12 gauge) and 220 (20 gauge) model shotguns. These models can be fired accurately at ranges up to 200 yards. This accuracy is mostly due to their bolt-action design.

Which is the first Savage semi automatic shotgun?

The S1200 is the first semi-automatic shotgun sold under the Stevens brand. The S1200 uses an inertia-driven action that uses to recoil force of the gun to cycle shells. The S1200 weights 6.8 pounds. Options for 26-inch and 28-inch barrels are available. As of 2018, Savage sold the 212 (12 gauge) and 220 (20 gauge) model shotguns.

What kind of shotgun does Savage Company make?

Savage was one of the few American makers of affordable double-barrel shotguns including the Fox Sterlingworth, Fox Model B, and Stevens Model 311 and produced rifles and shotguns under house brand names for large store chains.

What is serial number on Savage Model 720?

The serial number “82195” is stamped on the bottom of the receiver. The right side of the barrel is marked, “Proof Tested – 12 Gauge / – 2 ¾ Inch Chamber –“. The choke is marked, “12 Gauge / Weaver Choke / El Paso Tex. U.S.A. / Pats Pend.