Is bryco firearms still in business?

Is bryco firearms still in business?

U.S. JA Industries, formerly Jimenez Arms, is an American firearms manufacturer based in Henderson, Nevada. The company was started in August 2004 using the molds and machinery from bankrupt Bryco Arms and made six models of firearm. Jimenez Arms filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in February 2020.

How much is a 380 Jimenez Arms Worth?

JIMENEZ ARMS JA380 pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A JIMENEZ ARMS JA380 pistol is currently worth an average price of $110.57 used . The 12 month average price is $117.20 used.

Is a Jimenez 380 a good gun?

380 for about $145 and though the gun ran fine for me, I would not recommend it unless you had no other options. While the gun had no issues while in my care, it just didn’t have a “quality” feel to it, something that I would feel comfortable trusting my life or the lives of those under my protection to the Jimenez .

Is a Jennings 380 a good gun?

Surprisingly enough, it was totally reliable until you’d fired 100 rounds or so through it. Then it was so dirty it wouldn’t cycle consistently. The problem is that its’ accuracy made the Bryco . 380 look like a target gun by comparison and that it was ejecting empty cases while the powder was still burning in them.

What kind of gun is the Bryco Model 38?

The Bryco Model 38, currently marketed as the Jimenez JA-380, is an inexpensive American ” Saturday night special ” pistol. The Model 38 was Bryco’s most famous product, along with the Jennings J-22 which carried over. The weapon was later produced by Jimenez Arms when Bryco went out of business, and is still being made by Jimenez today.

What was the weapon that caused the demise of Bryco?

The Model 38 was the weapon which caused the demise of Bryco, despite it being one of their most famous products.

Where did Paul Jimenez make the Bryco 9mm?

With the license in hand, Paul Jimenez began manufacturing conspicuously similar handguns at Bryco’s former Costa Mesa plant under the name Jimenez Arms. California regulators initially refused to let Jimenez Arms sell its 9mm model because the prototype provided by Paul Jimenez had the word “Bryco” buffed out, inspection records show.

What’s the difference between.380 and.380 automatic handguns?

Made like its bigger automatic handgun counterparts, it also allows the recoil spring and slide to absorb the impact during recoiling. During those days, the .380 handguns are not as precise as today’s .380 pistols. Its bullets lack punching power, the gun itself is still bulky and heavy and recoils are still heavy.