Is the Walther PPK s still in production?

Is the Walther PPK s still in production?

Since 2018, PPK and PPK/S models have been built in Fort Smith, Arkansas, at the factory of US-based subsidiary Walther Arms, Inc. The PP and the PPK were among the world’s first successful double action semi-automatic pistols. They are still manufactured by Walther and have been widely copied.

How much is a Walther PPK new?

Walther PPK/S VAH38001 For Sale, Reviews, Price – $603.00 – In Stock.

What replaced the Walther PPK?

Gun-maker Walther has released the successor to James Bond’s preferred PPK handgun, called the PPQ.

Should I get a Walther PPK?

First let me say that IMHO, the PPK is a fine gun and every collection should have one. They are well, handle easily and are functionally reliable and accurate. The PPK is a little harder to come by than the PPK/S and will probably cost a bit more. Walther produced guns will be at the highest price.

What was the name of Walther’s pocket pistol?

The PPK did not qualify for importation, so Walther created the PPK/S which mated the slightly larger PP frame with a PPK barrel and slide. It did qualify for importation, but people still wanted a PPK. At that time, the PPK, it could be argued, was the standard in pocket pistols.

When did the Walther PPK stainless steel gun come out?

This stainless steel PPK was distributed by Interarms and bought in the US in the early 1990s. Walther has stayed with the original design for nearly 100 years now, and the gun is still a good choice for pocket carry and self-defense. (Doug Larson photo)

Where does the Walther PPK 380 come from?

Walther announced this week they are ready to ship their classic Fort Smith, Arkansas-made .380s after over a half-decade hiatus in production.

Is there a slide lock on the Walther PPK?

The lack of an external slide lock does not seem to be a problem for most shooters as is evident from the life of the PPK’s design. And another feature of the PPK that is different than many modern guns of the same size is the sights.