What are standard eBay fees?

What are standard eBay fees?

When your item sells, you pay 10% of the final transaction value, including taxes and postage. We call this a final value fee. In this case, the final value fee is based on the higher of the fixed price, auction start price, Buy it now price, reserve price or the price identified between the buyer and seller.

Are eBay fees really 10%?

eBay will take 10% of the sale price of any item you successfully sell, including postage, and you’ll pay extra if your buyer pays via PayPal, so be sure to factor this in.

What kind of fees do I have to pay on eBay?

Fees charged by eBay. There are three main types of selling fees charged on eBay – insertion fees, listing upgrades and Final Value Fees (FVF). Much like a newspaper, eBay charges a fee to list an item on their website.

How much does it cost to open a shop on eBay?

You will be charged a monthly Subscription Fee, based on the subscription level, for opening an eBay shop. You will also be charged a Listing Fee in all categories other than Books & Magazines and Movies and Music. If the item sells successfully, you will also be charged a Final Value Fee.

How is the final value fee calculated on eBay?

A final value fee is charged when a sale is made on eBay. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the total sale amount, including any shipping and handling charges, and excluding sales tax. The standard final value fee for most categories is 10% up to a maximum fee of $750, with the exception of the following categories.

How much is the insertion fee on eBay?

Insertion fee per listing after monthly free allotment. Fixed price listing. 35¢. Category. Final value fee % + $0.30 per order. Most categories. Exceptions apply. 12.55% on total amount of the sale up to $7,500 calculated per item. 2.35% on the portion of the sale over $7,500.

What is the final value fee on eBay?

When the revenue is posted, eBay charges the Final Value Fee to your account in a matter of seconds. Then, if you don’t have an eBay Store, you pay a flat 10 percent of your final selling price including any shipping you charge the buyer.

What does it cost you to sell on eBay?

Final Value fees on auctions are pretty easy to figure out. If your item sells, you pay eBay 9% of the selling price to a maximum of $50.00.

Where to pay eBay seller fees?

Log in to your eBay account. Click My eBay at the top of the page. Under ‘My Account’ click Seller Account. Under ‘eBay Seller Fees’ click Make a one-time payment. The amount owed is displayed in the PayPal payment box.

What are the dangers of selling on eBay?

Fraud and Scams. EBay has policies in place to control how the website is used, but both buyers and sellers do face the risk of scams and fraud. Sellers might intentionally misrepresent items for sale.