What does the Public records Act cover?

What does the Public records Act cover?

An Act to make new provision with respect to public records and the Public Record Office, and for connected purposes. It established a cohesive regulatory framework for public records at the Public Record Office and other places of deposit.

What is the Public records Act NZ?

The Act sets out obligations of public offices and local authorities in how they create, maintain, transfer and dispose of records. The Act also covers access to information and records.

What are the objectives of the Public records Act?

An Act to regulate the management, administration and preservation of public records of the Central Government, Union territory Administrations, public sector undertakings, statutory bodies and corporations, commissions and committees constituted by the Central Government or a Union territory Administration and matters …

When was the Public records Act?

The Public Record Office Act was passed in 1838 to ‘keep safely the public records’.

What is the Public records Act 1958 and 1967?

The Act amended the Public Records Act 1958 by reducing the period whereby public records (apart from those deemed “sensitive” by the Lord Chancellor) were closed to the public from fifty years to thirty years, the “thirty-year rule”. It took effect on 1 January 1968.

What is the Privacy Act 1993?

Purpose of the Act 8.66 The purpose of the Privacy Act 1993 is to promote and protect individual privacy, and in particular to establish principles on: collection, use, and disclosure of information relating to individuals; and. access by individuals to information held about them.

How long do local authorities keep records?

approximately 100 years
Records which must be kept indefinitely [or for approximately 100 years] for legal and/or administrative purposes, and/or are of enduring value for historical research purposes and so suitable for transfer to the authority’s archive or place of deposit.

What is the Public Records Act 1958 and 1967?

What documents are public records?

Typical public records include, but are not limited to:

  • Court records.
  • Birth records.
  • Death records.
  • Marriage records.
  • Licensing records.
  • Statistical data.
  • Business records, such as articles of incorporation.
  • Meeting minutes.

What is a public disclosure request?

Records that are created by the department during the course of business are considered public records. The term “public records (RCW 42.56. 010(2))” applies to any record, no matter the media, including electronic.

At what point does a document become a record?

A document becomes a record when you decide you need it as evidence of a decision or action. To ensure the document is managed as a record, you have to “declare” it as a record, which means storing the record appropri- ately in an official record-keeping system.