What is a Mossberg 500 AG?

What is a Mossberg 500 AG?

Mossberg 500 is a series of pump action shotguns manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, stock and forearm materials.

What is a Mossberg 500 Ag 12 gauge worth?

A MOSSBERG 500 shotgun is currently worth an average price of $493.09 new and $326.38 used . The demand of new MOSSBERG 500 shotgun’s has risen 99 units over the past 12 months.

What is a Mossberg 500 Ag 12 gauge?

$449.99. Up for grabs is a Mossberg 500AG pump-action shotgun in 12 gauge. Serial number-H846128. This shotgun features a 3″ chamber, 14″ length of pull, and a fixed modified choke.

Is Mossberg 500 drop safe?

mnrivrat Member. The Mossberg 500 has a trigger travel block type safety. It has an inertia firing pin that on all late models is spring loaded to hold it rearward. It won’t go off unless the hammer drops striking the rear of the pin to move it forward.

When did the Mossberg 500 shotgun come out?

The Mossberg 500 Introduced in 1960, the legendary Mossberg 500 is a mid-tier pump-action shotgunmarketed towards civilians, hunters and law enforcement. Originally designed for hunting and combatin all but the harshest of conditions, these shotguns are reliable, easy to clean and maintain. Barrel  Today]

What kind of choke does Mossberg 500 have?

Five Mossberg 500 Hunting series shotguns for turkey come with XX-Full chokes (Items #53270 #59826 #54566 #55115 #55215). X-Factor, Mossberg’s proprietary ported full choke system, works like most full chokes.

What are the different series of Mossberg shotguns?

As of this writing, Mossberg lists three different Model 500 series of shotguns, each with varying configurations on their website: the Tactical series (with 16 different configurations), the Hunting series (with 30 different configurations) and the FLEX series (with 9 different configurations).

How do you remove the barrel from a Mossberg 500?

To remove the barrel, the screw can simply be loosened by hand — as it’s loosened, the barrel slides slowly away from the magazine tube. When it’s completely loose, the slide/fore-end can be pushed, and with a little twist and a pull, the barrel will come off.