What is Shoenices real name?

What is Shoenices real name?

Chris Schewe
Shoenice/Full name

What disorder does Shoenice have?

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 15, Mr. Schewe has often wondered if that relates to his obscure consumption abilities. He claims he became able to up the extremeness of his stunts around that time, but doesn’t think that explains it all.

What does Shoenice do for a living?

Shoenice (real name – Christopher Schewe) is a YouTube vlogger which is best-known for his eating challenges. Christopher’s achieved internet fame by filling his YouTube channel with drinking and eating stunts which leave his followers with their jaws on the ground.

Is Shoenice really homeless?

Moreover, Shoenice’s family threw him out of their home. He claims that his family did not understand his YouTube career and its meaning. Thus, he began staying at various motels in his native New York but soon moved to Denver, Colorado. Basically, he’s homeless.

Is Shoenice Still Alive 2020?

Currently, Shoenice, is still vlogging in his new channel and where he opens up about his main profession and does an eating channel (food). He is alive and kicking.

What is Shoenice famous for?

Christopher “Chris” Schewe (born: circa 1969 [Age 50-51]) better known online as ShoeNice 22, is an American YouTube vlogger that is best-known for his eating challenges and “liquor slams”.

Does Shoenice have a disability?

No, he has Pica, a disorder type of OCD to eat certain things. He mentions it in one of his videos that he’s proud to be making money off a disability.

Is Shoenice Alive 2020?

Was Shoenice in the army?

An American Gulf War veteran who calls himself “Shoenice” has clocked up more than 50 million views on YouTube with videos of himself eating stuff like sticks of deodorant, pencils, a jar of Vegemite and a poster of Justin Bieber.

Is Shoenice a vet?

Is ShoeNice a vet?