What is the average podcast size?

What is the average podcast size?

43 minutes and 24 seconds
The average podcast length is 43 minutes and 24 seconds, but the most popular podcasts in 2019 were 53 minutes long.

How many MB is a typical podcast?

2 hours * 60 minutes / hour = 120 minutes. 120 minutes * 60 seconds / minute = 7200 seconds. 7200 seconds * 70 megabits / second = 504000 megabits. 504000 megabits / 8 bits / byte = 63000 megabytes.

How many GB is a podcast?

Data Usage for Popular Apps and Services

Data per Hour Suggested Plan
Podcasts Approx. 60MB At least 2GB
Web Browsing Approx. 60MB At least 2GB
FaceTime Approx. 85MB At least 3GB
Facebook Approx. 80MB At least 3GB

How long is a 2021 podcast?

37 minutes and 30 seconds
This was two minutes less than the average he calculated the year before. If that downward trend is to be applied to the consequent years, the average length of a podcast episode in the year 2021 should be 37 minutes and 30 seconds, give or take.

What is the most downloaded podcast?

These are the 20 most popular podcasts to listen to right now:

  • Call Her Daddy.
  • Hell and Gone.
  • 22 Hours: An American Nightmare.
  • Noble Blood.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Overheard at National Geographic.
  • Crime Junkie.
  • The Clearing. The most popular podcast to listen to is another true-crime podcast.

How many MB is a 1 hour podcast?

Audio streaming Low quality audio – best for talk radio services and podcasts – runs at 96kbps and uses 43.2MB of your allowance every hour. Normal quality (160kbps) uses 72MB and high-quality (320kbps) consumes 115.2MB per hour.

How big is an hour long podcast file?

As a rule of thumb, a 64Kbps file is about 0.5MB per minute, a 96Kbps file is about 0.75MB per minute, and a 128Kbps file is about 1MB per minute.

How long is the ideal podcast?

A 15 to 30-minute podcast is ideal for podcasters that produce content around short stories, daily news, and trending topics. This podcast length is common among shows with solo hosts. Popular podcasts that generally stay within 15-30 minutes include The Daily and Blackout.

How long should my first podcast be?

Anywhere from 3-6 minutes is common. It doesn’t look like you’re demanding too much of a listener’s time – because they probably don’t know anything about you at this stage, and so, have no loyalty towards you.

How big is a minute of a podcast?

Specifically it’s .46 MB per minute assuming that, like most audio podcasts I’ve seen, it’s encoded at 64kbps mono. If it’s a stereo podcast, or at a higher bit rate, it will be bigger. As for video, I’m not sure as I’ve never downloaded a video podcast.

How big is an episode of the podcasters studio?

The Podcasters’ Studio podcast is my flagship podcast and recorded at the best quality possible. I release this show at 128kbps when the episode doesn’t exceed 45 minutes to an hour because I love the way it sounds and the file is not so large that I get complaints from my audience. 2. How much space do I have in most hosting account?

How big should an audio file be for a podcast?

If you’re producing a podcast that exceeds 45 minutes to an hour, take a serious look at the size of your file and consider your audience. I release my final audio file into various formats within the limits described above based on the factors I’ve outlined. The choice is a personal one between you, your audience and your budget.

How are the top 200 podcasts in the world ranked?

The podcast industry’s first global, weekly rankings Every week, we use Chartable’s IAB V2-certified measurement of audience size to create the Top 200 and Trending charts across twenty different countries, based on weekly changes in audience among the 5,000 podcasts using our proprietary feed integration.