What is the twist rate on a Savage Model 110?

What is the twist rate on a Savage Model 110?

1 in 9″
The rifling rate of twist is: 1 in 9″ for all 110 BA . 338 models. 1 in 10″ for all 110 BA .

How much does a savage 110 weigh?

Savage Model 110

Savage Arms Model 110
Produced 1958—present
Variants 10/110FP “Law Enforcement”, 11/111 “Hunter”, 12 “Varmint”, 14/114 “Classic”, 16/116 “Weather Warrior”, 210 “Slug Warrior”
Mass Varies with model, ~7 lbs. (Model 111G)

What’s the best twist rate for a 7mm Magnum?

Optimum twist rate for all bullet weights in the 7mm RM is 1:9”. Accuracy is of vital importance when working up a 7mm magnum load. Any gain in velocity over a standard cartridge will immediately be negated if the rifle will not shoot better than these cartridges at the extended ranges for which magnums excel at.

Is the Savage 7mm Magnum a good rifle?

Still, this is a very accurate loading in the Savage rifle. The 7mm Magnum Savage rifle is a fast handling and reliable rifle. After careful load practice, weighing each powder charge and taking care in assembly, my old rifle has occasionally turned in 0.9-inch three-shot groups at 100 yards.

Is the Savage 110 a good shooting rifle?

The Savage 110 is a reliable, affordable and fast-handling rifle. When handloading the 7mm Magnum, I have put enough time into it to understand that it isn’t a problem cartridge at all to load. The 25-degree shoulder allows proper head spacing. The belt, well, no one likes it but I have no complaints.

Is the 7mm Remington Magnum a flat shooter?

A 7mm 160-grain bullet at 3200 fps is a sure killer on most North American game and a flat shooter. The cartridge has also seen institutional service by Federal Agents and the Texas Rangers as a counter-sniper. While considerable practice is needed to master the cartridge in this role, it is a sure penetrator and very effective.