What scope should I put on my Savage 220?

What scope should I put on my Savage 220?

A Quick Comparison of our Favorites

Best Overall CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope CHECK PRICE
Best Value Barska AC10380 Plinker-22 Scope CHECK PRICE
Premium Choice Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope CHECK PRICE
Konus 7249 Shotgun Black Powder Riflescope CHECK PRICE

What is the best scope for a savage 220 shotgun?

The 4 Best Scopes for a Savage 220:

  1. Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter 2-7×32. The best scope for a savage 220 overall.
  2. Bushnell Trophy 1.75-4x32mm Shotgun Scope. Best scope for a savage 220 on a low budget (budget choice).
  3. Leupold VX-1 Shotgun Scope. Best scope for a savage 220 on a high budget.
  4. Monstrum Prism Scope.

What is a savage 220?

The Savage 220 XP slug gun has a matte black finished steel barrel and receiver, and a rugged, weather-resistant black synthetic stock. The Savage 220 XP Bolt-Action Slug Gun utilizes a 3-position ambidextrous tang safety that is easily reached with the shooter’s thumb.

What’s the difference between a bullet and a slug?

As nouns the difference between bullet and slug is that bullet is a projectile, usually of metal, shot from a gun at high speed while slug is any of many terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks, having no (or only rudimentary) shell.

Which is the best scope for Savage Savage?

The scope provides a crisp and clear sight picture, and on top the Savage .17 HMR is dead on accurate. The BSA Sweet .17 is also a budget priced optic and one of the best scopes for .17 HMR Savages for sure. The Simmons ProTarget riflescope in its rimfire configuration is one of the best variable optics on the market.

Can a Nikon scope be used with a savage 220?

If you are using a slug gun such as the Savage 220, you will probably be hunting in darker conditions at times. With some scopes you would be out of luck in those situations because not all scopes are made to gather much light. However, this Nikon is incredible at gathering light.

What are the features of a savage 220?

In theory, this should maximize the strength and durability of this scope. However, there have been reports that it is not as robust as it should be for Savage 220 use. Other features include a duplex reticle, rubber eye guard and fingertip adjustments for windage and elevation that come under screw-down caps.

What to look for in a scope for a 220?

When choosing a scope for a 220, you want to look for scopes that can handle heavy recoil, have average/low magnification power, have a lot of eye relief, and can gather light well. A scope with all of those factors is guaranteed to boost the performance you experience with your 220.