What was the first double barrel shotgun?

What was the first double barrel shotgun?

One significant technological advancement in the history of the shotgun occurred with the invention of the double-barrel shotgun in 1875. It was now a breach loaded, side-by-side or over under weapon used with a purpose built shell or cartridge with shot or pellets.

How much is a vintage double barrel shotgun?

DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN shotgun PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN shotgun is currently worth an average price of $1,064.44 new and $651.85 used .

What was the first pump action shotgun?

In 1893, Browning produced the Model 1893 Pump Action Shotgun, introducing the now familiar pump action to the market. And in 1900, he patented the Browning Auto-5, America’s first semi-automatic shotgun.

Are there any great American double barrel shotguns?

They might not be as well-known as some European manufacturers, but there were a number of great American double-barrel shotgun makers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These guns remain highly collectible, and many are also fine shooters. The All-American double shotguns: Parker Guns; A.H. Fox Guns; Lefever Guns; L.C. Smith Guns

Where was the Golden Age of double barrel shotguns?

During the golden years of American double guns, there were several primary companies making guns. All originated in New York State except Parker, in Connecticut, and early Foxes originating in Philadelphia, but later made in New York. The Golden age of American shotguns lasted only about 40 years, from about 1890 until the Great Depression.

What kind of shotgun was in the 1880’s?

SHOTGUN CIRCA 1880’S. REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK INDIAN BRASS TACK DECORATED CUT-DOWN 12 GA. SHOTGUN CIRCA 1880’S. 34” o/a with 20” barrel. Worn Remington address on upper tang. Later Spanish markings on bar …Click for more info ” Super Rare” Antique Coach Gun C. 1830’s to 1840’s 45 Cal. Percussion With Original Scabbard.

What’s the serial number on a double barrel hammer?

There is also a serial number of 57500 stamped into the underside of the barrel. There are no other markings that I can see. I believe it is from the early 1800’s.