What was the model of Stevens bolt action 410?

What was the model of Stevens bolt action 410?

I don’t remember the model # (it’s been a few years) of the Stevens bolt action 410 that I used to have. To remove the bolt I had to take the stock off, then remove a screw on the left side of the receiver that kept the bolt from sliding out.

Where is j.stevens arms and Tool Company?

STEVENS ARMS CO., J. Location: Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. In 1864, this firm began doing business as J. Stevens & Company. In 1888, it was incorporated as J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. It operated as such until 1920, when it was taken over by Savage Arms Company. It has operated as an independent division in this organization since.

When did J Stevens stop making shotguns?

After the Great War the company became the J. Stevens Arms Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Savage Arms Corp. J. Stevens Arms Co. continued to make this gun during the 1920s as the Riverside No. 315. By 1925 the 20-gauge and .410-bore were added to the No. 315.

When did Stevens make the 410 gauge shotgun?

By 1925 the 20-gauge and .410-bore were added to the No. 315. The same action was also introduced as the Stevens No. 330 with a capped pistol grip walnut stock, while the Riverside had a half-pistol grip walnut stock.

When was the J Stevens Model 58 made?

However, the book does say that 29,500 Model 58 were made 1933-45. Please don’t ever ask your son to shoot a moving target with a .410! Squirrels, OK, but it is awfully hard to hit any moving target with a .410, and youngsters need to hit their targets in order to keep their interest up.

How much does a Stevens Model 58 410 shotgun cost?

To help you make a decision on how much money to spend on this gun, current market for one in excellent condition…complete and original is less than a $100 retail…half of that wholesale. …

When was the Husqvarna HVA bolt action rifle discontinued?

Husqvarna HVA This Swedish made, modified Mauser 98 action was discontinued around 1970. Most of the modifications were made to simplify production and represent a step backward from the original Mauser design, but the changes were minor.