What was the serial number of the Winchester 42?

What was the serial number of the Winchester 42?

To the chagrin of many Winchester fans, many other favorite models in addition to the 42 were discontinued after 1963. This model, incidentally, had its own serial number range, from 1 to 164800.

What kind of shotgun was the Model 42?

A scaled-down version of Winchester’s classic Model 12 pump-action shotgun, the Model 42 was a sweet little scattergun that still holds value to collectors. What to know about the Winchester Model 42 shotgun: Introduced during the Great Depression, the Model 42 was produced until 1963. It was the first pump gun designed for the.410 bore.

When did the first 410 shotgun come out?

It appears to have become popular around 1900. Some suspect that this shotgun arose from converted rifles of a similar bore diameter. The first ammunition was two inches (5.08 cm) in length, compared with the modern 2.5 and 3.0 inch sizes.

Is the.410 bore shell considered a pistol?

Due to the rifled barrel, the assembled firearm is considered a rifle or pistol (depending on barrel length) and thus is not subject to the National Firearms Act 18 inch minimum barrel length. The fact that the .410 bore shell fits in a .45 Colt chamber has resulted in some unusual applications.

What are the model numbers of a Winchester shotgun?

Model numbers (shotguns) 1964-2006 1 Model 1400 (1964) semi-automatic shotgun 2 Model 1500 (1978) semi-automatic shotgun (Model 1400 variant) 3 The Winchester 1300 shotgun was first introduced in around 1981, when the US Repeating Arms Company (USRAC) took over production of the ‘Winchester’ brand guns from the Olin / Winchester

When was the first Winchester Model 12 made?

First year of Production: 1912*. Last year of Production: 1963. Magazine: Tubular. The Winchester Model 12 serial numbers are sequential starting at 1. Also Known as the M12 or Model 12. *introduced in 1912 with only the 20 gauge available, 12 ga. and 16 ga. came out in 1914. The principle designer of the Winchester model 12 was John Browning.

Is there a Winchester Model 42 pump action shotgun?

Serial # WFT113 Made in Japan. This is a high grade model 42 pump action shotgun chambered for the .410 *CASED WINCHESTER MODEL 42 PUMP SHOTGUN. *CASED WINCHESTER MODEL 42 PUMP SHOTGUN. Cal. 410. SN 38799. Fine special order 42 with 28″ plain full choke bbl chambered 3″ with sgl bead. It has straight

Is the Model 42 Winchester shotgun in good condition?

Winchester Model 42 Take-down shotgun in excellent condition. This shotgun only has minor blemishes along the bottom of the stock and magazine tube. SN: 161444 .410 Gauge …Click for more info

When did Winchester stop using two digit model numbers?

In 1919 Winchester abandoned numbering models by the year of introduction and assigned two-digit numbers, sequential beginning with 51 for rifles. Older guns still in production had their model numbers truncated, e.g. the Model 1912 shotgun became the Model 12.

When did the Winchester 1500 shotgun come out?

Model 1500 (1978) semi-automatic shotgun (Model 1400 variant) The Winchester 1300 shotgun was first introduced in around 1981, when the US Repeating Arms Company (USRAC) took over production of the ‘Winchester’ brand guns from the Olin / Winchester corporation.

What kind of BBL does a Winchester Model 42 have?

*WINCHESTER MODEL 42 DELUXE PUMP SHOTGUN. Cal. 410. SN 158309. Fine Model 42 with 28″ Simmons rib bbl, with Cutts compensator. Rib is factory installed, *WINCHESTER MODEL 42 PUMP SHOTGUN.

Are there ribs on the Winchester Model 42?

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Contrary to traditional views, Winchester did install factory ventilated ribs on its Model 42. Former employees and factory drawings substantiate this fact. However, subject of what is a factory rib and what is not has been covered in great detail in an excellent book on Model 42.

Why are Winchester shotgun serial numbers not complete?

There are many “legends” about why the historic serial number records for Winchester rifles and shotguns are not complete or why they are not always verifiable. A few reasons cited are: There is probably some kernel of truth to all of them.

When did the Winchester Model 410 come out?

Winchester Model 410, 26″ Mod choke, SN is 252xx, made in 1936. Factory finish on both woo and metal, factory butt plate. Nice classic all original gun! Email me if you would like these pics sent …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! This 410 is a Winchester model 42 SKEET. 28″ vent rib barrel marked SKEET.

When did the first Winchester rifle come out?

Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s

What’s the serial number on a 1873 Winchester rifle?

Winchester 1873 3rd Model Rifle, .32 Model Winchester 1873 3rd Model Rifle, .32 Model 1873 Winchester rifle (3rd Model), .32-.20 Caliber. Serial number 318911. Barrel marked, “WINCHESTER REPEATING

What is the serial number of a shotgun?

Model 72 Model 75 Model 99 Thumb Trigger Model 121 $ 121T Model 131 & 135 Model 141 & 145 310 And 320 Models Model 670 Model 670 Mag 770 & 770 Mag. Models Semi-Auto Rifles top Model 1903 Model 1905 Model 1907 Model 1910 Model 55 RF Model 63 Model 74 Model 77 Model 100 Model 190 Model 490 Shotguns top Model 1879 Model 1887

When was the last Winchester Model 87 made?

Records in the writer’s possession show that two years production was recorded in 1890-1891, 1894-1895, 1912-1913. A large number of serial numbers were skipped after number 115,170. Serials reached 139,700. Winder muskets, made in 1918 and 1919, were given the designation “Model 87”, but serials were in the single shot range. NO. MADE

What was the serial number of the 1897 Winchester gun?

Model 1893 and 1897 serial numbers overlap in 1897-1899. Model 1897 serial numbers begin at serial number 31609, approximately where the 1893 model serials ended. See the note with the model 1893. Total production of the model 1897 reached 1,024,700, when the parts clean-up began, resulting in 2,000 more guns assembled.