What year was Mossberg 500a made?

What year was Mossberg 500a made?

“Mossberg’s 500 looks cheap—it is cheap—but it’s an astonishingly reliable shotgun. Over 9,000,000 have been made since 1961, and they have faithfully served in the field, in squad cars, in the military and beside the bed ever since,” says Bourjaily. “The 500 has also been a platform for innovation.

When did they stop making bolt action shotguns?

It was a single-shot bolt action shotgun. The Mossberg 695 was the last of the Mossberg bolt action shotguns, and it was discontinued in 2003 after being manufactured in the 1990s. In between the model 10 and model 695, exists an entire catalog of bolt action shotguns.

Where can I find the Mossberg 395 KB choke?

Markings: The barrel is marked “Mossberg / Made In U.S.A. / North Haven Conn. / Model 395 KB 12 Ga. C-Lect-Choke / Chambered For 2 ¾” and 3” In. Shells”. The serial number is found on the left side of the receiver. Barrel Length: 28” to the end of the choke. Sights / Optics: The gun is mounted with a single silver bead on the adjustable choke.

When was the first Mossberg 20 gauge gun made?

Same as 20 With Beaver Tail stock 1934 1935 185 K B 20 gauge bolt Action 1955 1958 25 No finger Grooves in Stock 1935 1936 190 A 16 gauge bolt action 1956 1957 25A Self Cocking Action 1936 1938 190 K A 16 gauge bolt action 1956 1957 26 B Entirely New Design 1938 1941 190 K B 16 gag bolt action 1957 1958 26C

What kind of shotgun is the Mossberg 185?

The Mossberg 185 is a 20-gauge bolt action shotgun, produced between 1948 and 1964 by O.F. Mossberg & Sons in New Haven, Connecticut . All Model 185 variants have the following features in common: – Bolt action. Operates in same fashion as bolt-action rifles.

When did the Mossberg 695 Slugger come out?

The 695 slugger is still very well regarded among 12-gauge slug hunters. Many Mossberg bolt action shotguns were sold with trap shooting systems. This took the form of a simple clay thrower attached to the barrel. The thousands of Mossberg bolt-action shotguns produced between 1933-1995 can be bought for a song.