Can I use a 35V capacitor instead of an 16v?

Can I use a 35V capacitor instead of an 16v?

If the capacitor has a rated cap of 16 volts, you can never exceed that voltage. Similarly, if the capacitor has a rated cap of 25 volts, it will never exceed 25 volts.

Can I replace a capacitor with a higher capacitance?

Yes, you can replace a capacitor with one of a slightly higher uF, but try to stay as close as possible to the original number and don’t go lower. Replacing a capacitor is sometimes referred to as “recapping a circuit board,” and it’s important to match the new capacitor up to the old one.

Can I replace a 25V capacitor with an 35V?

In general, going from 25V to 35V won’t cause you a problem as long as the above parameters are comparable. Once you start getting above 35V, you’ll find less and less high-performance capacitors available (the majority of low ESR parts tend to be 25V or lower). The rating is a maximum voltage rating.

Can I replace a capacitor with a lower voltage rating?

No, You can replace high voltage capacitor value in the place of low voltage capacitor. But you must not replace low voltage capacitor in the place of high voltage capacitor.

Can I replace a 16v capacitor with an 25v capacitor?

The maximum voltage you can deal with is what the voltage rating is. If you use a 25v rated cap, never exceed 25V. Don’t exceed 16v for a 16v rated cap.

Can you substitute a capacitor for 16V 680uf?

It’s labeled 16V 680uf, but I don’t have a capacitor with those exact specs. But as long as I find another capacitor with roughly the same capacitance, I should be able to substitute that, right? I have a ton of random junk that has various capacitors with other specs. For example, one is labeled 35v 470uf.

Can you replace a capacitor with a higher UF?

You can almost always replace a capacitor with one of a higher voltage. This is the limiting factor of a capacitor due to dielectric breakdown voltages that the manufacturer chose. Varying capacitance gets a little trickier. Click to see full answer.

Is it safe to replace a capacitor with a higher voltage?

Replacing a capacitor with something that has a higher voltage rating is always safe. The only problem there is that a capacitor rated for a higher voltage is often physically larger, everything else being equal.

What’s the difference between 50V and 16V capacitors?

Yes it is the capacitor’s voltage rating. Using a higher voltage rating capacitor has no effect. Yes, you can use the 50V version. The only difference will be bigger can size and a very slightly improved reliability which you won’t notice. Russell. marine_hm: I purchased an “assortment” of capacitors from ebay.