Can you reline a concrete pool?

Can you reline a concrete pool?

Yup, you can reline the pool with ‘fi-beer-glass’. A much more solid structure, and one that is guaranteed to last. Once the liner is out, as long as there is a concrete floor, and solid walls, we can laminate a new fibreglass surface into the pool.

Does my concrete pool need a liner?

Concrete Pools Concrete, or gunite, pools don’t need a liner either. But concrete is a very porous material and will readily allow the growth of algae unless the water is properly maintained. You’ll use far more chemicals with concrete pools than you would with vinyl or fibreglass models.

How often do you resurface a concrete pool?

every ten to fifteen years
To put it into perspective, most concrete swimming pools need resurfacing every ten to fifteen years. If you have a vinyl liner, you will need to replace it in the same amount of time. Because of sun, chemicals, weather and basic usage, your concrete pool deck may need resealing more frequently.

Can a concrete base be used as a vinyl liner?

Of course, most concrete pools end up with a plaster finish instead of a vinyl liner. But for those builders who use a concrete base for a vinyl liner, the sand-and-cement mixture retains the same wonderful properties that make it popular for other jobs.

How much does it cost to install vinyl liner in a concrete pool?

The cost of new coping, tile and plaster remediation in a concrete pool is appreciable. Often this renovation could cost 40% to 50% the price of a new concrete pool installation so sticker shock can have a lot to do with pool owners looking towards a vinyl liner to ease the financial burden.

Can you put vinyl liner in a cinder block pool?

If you want to talk about putting an inground vinyl liner in a poured concrete pool, gunite pool or cinder block pool, give us a call, or download this measurement form for printing. We can help you with measurements and supplies like wall foam, liner track and liner lock.

Can a concrete pool liner leak from the ground?

Liners can leak from almost anywhere and if the water gets behind the liner it it better that it soaks away in to the ground rather than build up between the liner and a water tight shell forming a bubble. If the concrete pool has steps then your problems are greater.