Did Janet Jackson live in Rancho Santa Fe?

Did Janet Jackson live in Rancho Santa Fe?

Rancho Santa Fe, CA: A Home for Celebrities Bill Gates of Microsoft, music superstar Janet Jackson, and beloved singer Bing Crosby have all called The Ranch home. And these are just a few of the many notable people who have lived here.

Where does Janet Jackson house?

She also owns a 4,636 sq ft house at 2469 Ping Drive in Nevada, just outside Las Vegas, that she bought in early 2002 for US$520,000.

How much is Janet Jackson house cost?

Grammy winner Janet Jackson has sold her Malibu home for about $9 million. The new owners of the Los Angeles County home were reported to be Kelly Wearstler, a designer of hotels and nightspots, and her husband, Brad Korzen, chief executive of the Kor Group, a real estate investment, development and management firm.

What celebrities live in Rancho Santa Fe?

Rancho Santa Fe It’s also historically known as a place for the rich and famous to find respite as Bing Crosby and Howard Hughes once lived in this lavish town. Other notable celebrities that have lived in Rancho Santa Fe include weight loss guru Jenny Craig, golf star Phil Mickelson, and Bill Gates.

Does Bill Gates live in Rancho Santa Fe?

This house, situated in the gated community of Fairbanks Ranch, near Rancho Santa Fe, belongs to the richest man on Earth – Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates. It is one of his summer residences.

Does Janet Jackson have a secret daughter?

In February, Inside Edition interviewed Bunny’s mother, Etterlene DeBarge, who said she believes a 31-year-old woman from Philadelphia named Tiffany Whyte was Janet’s secret daughter. “I’m the daughter of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge,” Whyte said in a recent interview. “It is for sure that they are my parents.”

Is Rancho Santa Fe expensive?

Rancho Santa Fe once again made the top 50 in Forbes’ annual list of the country’s most expensive ZIP codes Tuesday with a median home price of $3.2 million. Atherton topped the list this year with a $10.5 million median home price. …