Does Remington still sell ammo?

Does Remington still sell ammo?

Following Remington Outdoors’ bankruptcy in 2020, Vista Outdoor, parent company of Federal Premium, purchased the Remington ammunition facility in Arkansas, along with most of Remington’s trademarks. American manufacturing is about to roar, and Remington ammunition is back.”

Are Remington good bullets?

Remington Core-Lokt bullets aren’t premium, but are reasonably accurate fully adequate for 99% of North American big game hunting. As far as handgun ammo goes, Remington Golden Saber bullets are high quality, though most of their factory loaded stuff is loaded way too light.

What is the best ammo for a Remington 783?

The Hornady interlock 150 grain loads were the most accurate though some of the others were close. There is a price difference of $10 or so between the Interlock and the fancier bullets. With this setup I can expect 3 shot groups at 100 yards of an inch which is good performance from a hunting rifle.

Is Federal or Remington ammo better?

Federal uses some top grade projectiles in their premium line and it is very good ammo. The Remington is hit or miss unless it is the premium grade. If you reload it is no contest, Federal brass is top notch.

How accurate is a Remington 783?

Fortunately, the Model 783 can shoot accurately—remarkably accurately. Despite the barrel showing all sorts of tooling marks, the rifle consistently hit three-shot groups at 100 yards within an inch. For a hunting rifle, that’s impressive accuracy.

What kind of ammunition does a Remington Model 16 use?

In the 1950s, the .22 Remington Automatic cartridge followed suit, and today the Model 16 is a difficult firearm to find ammunition for, with rimfire cartridge not being easily handloaded. Interestingly, both the Model 16 and Model 1903 were takedown rifles, a concept that was extremely popular at the time, but only now is coming back into vogue.

What kind of ammo is in a Remington 870?

As for the chamber length, the standard 12-gauge 870 shotgun comes in 2-¾ (70mm) and 3-inch (76mm), also known as 12 gauge Magnum, while the Model 870 Express Super Magnum is chambered for 3½” (89mm) shotshell (shotgun cartridge).

What was the difference between Remington and Winchester?

Instead, Remington – like Winchester before them with the Model 1903’s .22 Winchester Automatic – created a totally new round, the .22 Remington Automatic. Both Winchester and Remington’s rounds had wider cases than the .22 Long Rifle, and both eliminated the heeled bullet configuration of the earlier cartridge.

How many feet per second does A.22 Remington rifle fire?

The .22 Remington Auto fired a 45 grain bullet approximately 950 feet per second, with 90 lb ft of muzzle energy. Due to the larger diameter of the case, the cartridge is not interchangeable with the .22 Short, Long or Long Rifle.