How can we create a circuit using multiplexer?

How can we create a circuit using multiplexer?

There are certain steps involved in it:

  1. Step 1: Draw the truth table for the given number of variable function.
  2. Step 2: Consider one variable as input and remaining variables as select lines.
  3. Step 3: Form a matrix where input lines of MUX are columns and input variable and its compliment are rows.

How multiplexer can be used as a function generator?

A basic multiplexer has various data input lines and a single output line. These are found in many digital system applications such as data selection and data routing, logic function generators, digital counters with multiplexed displays, telephone network, communication systems, waveform generators, etc.

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What is a multiplexer How does it work what are its applications explain?

A multiplexer is a system of multiple inputs and just one output to receive signals coming from multiple acquisition networks. The device transfers all input signals to a microprocessor, which receives and processes the data, transmits it to the output devices, and controls the system as a whole.

Why do we use multiplexer in circuits?

Multiplexer allow the process of transmitting different type of data such as audio, video at the same time using a single transmission line. Telephone Network – In telephone network, multiple audio signals are integrated on a single line for transmission with the help of multiplexers.

How do you solve MUX problems?

How to solve?

  1. The first step is to select the multiplexer.
  2. Connect the inputs, that correspond to the given minterms to logic 1.
  3. Connect all the other inputs to the ground(logic 0).
  4. Connect the input variables(P, Q, R) as the selection lines.
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How many output lines will a 16 input Multiplexer have?

We know that 8×1 Multiplexer has 8 data inputs, 3 selection lines and one output. Whereas, 16×1 Multiplexer has 16 data inputs, 4 selection lines and one output.

What is application of Multiplexer?

A Multiplexer is used to increase the efficiency of the communication system by allowing the transmission of data such as audio & video data from different channels via cables and single lines.

What kind of circuit is a sequence generator?

Sequence Generator A sequence generator is a sequential circuit which generates a prescribed sequence at its output. The output sequence is in synchronication with the clock input. It is possible to design a sequence generator using counters or using the shift registers.

How is a sequence generator used in synchronization?

The sequence generator circuit is used to generate a prescribed series of bits in synchronization through a CLK. This kind of generator is used as a code generator, counters, random bit generators, sequence, and prescribed period generator. The basic design diagram of this is shown below.

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How to implement a sequence generator using a universal?

The shift register I need to use is the 74LS194 model shown below where the inputs S1, S0 controls the shift mode. If (S1,S0) = (0,0), then the current value is locked to the next state. If (1,0), it’s shift to right. If (0,1), it’s shift to left, and (1,1) indicates parallel loading from the parallel data inputs.

Which is the correct number of selection lines for a multiplexer?

If there are m selection lines, then the number of possible input lines is 2m. Alternatively we can say that if the number of input lines is equal to 2m, then m selection lines are required to select one of n (consider 2m = n) input lines. This type of multiplexer is referred to as 2n × 1 multiplexer or 2n -to-1 multiplexer.