How does a Colt Single Action Army work?

How does a Colt Single Action Army work?

The Colt, like most other revolvers at the time, did not have any safety mechanism. Instead, its users often carried it with only five of six chambers loaded. The weapon’s hammer would then be dropped on the empty chamber to prevent accidental discharges if the gun were dropped.

Is striker fired single or double action?

Some striker fired guns are single action: the cycling of the slide fully cocks the striker and the trigger serves only to release it. Others are double action: the trigger pull fully cocks or finishes cocking the striker, then releases it.

When did the Colt Single Action Army come out?

These Colt Single Action Army revolvers were chambered for the standard British cartridge the .455 Eley. British officer armed with Colt Single Action Army revolver during the Zulu Wars of 1879-1896.

Which is the best Colt Single Action Army revolver?

RIAC President Kevin Hogan explains why this magnificent Colt revolver made its way into his top 50 items sold during the September 2020 Premier Auction. This Ainsworth inspected 4th Cavalry marked Colt Cavalry Model Single Action Army Revolver has been described as the best example available by two nationally recognized experts on Colt revolvers.

Is the colt M1873 double action or single action?

This eliminated the extraction problems previously encountered in the Colt New Service double-action revolvers with their star extractors and the original .500 rim diameter shells. That .44 frame is one reason for the Colt M1873 having such a light, trim weight.

When was the last engraved Colt revolver sold?

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