Is steel shot safe for older shotguns?

Is steel shot safe for older shotguns?

Its your only option with an old gun. Steel shot will ruin the barrels of most old guns, some guns were made well enough to withstand it, but its your choice whether to risk it.

Are 20 year old shotgun shells still good?

Ammunition has a fairly long shelf life, if it is kept in a cool, dry place. Modern plastic hulled rounds with the brass bases can last for decades, if properly stored. The older paper cartridges were more vulnerable to moisture, and but under proper conditions they could last several decades.

Can you shoot steel shot through a chrome barrel?

Yep, it will be fine. the steel shot is contained in a plastic shot cup (wad) and really won’t touch the barrel, also Chrome lineing is very hard, so thats not a problem. the only time you really need to worry, is if you have a fixed full choke, because steel wont compress like lead will.

Can you shoot a steel shot in an old shotgun?

Anyone who owns an ‘older’ shotgun has heard the advice “Don’t shoot steel from that gun”! I have also read here, on, of shooters who have had the fixed-choke barrels of old shotguns threaded so that a steel-shot-capable choke tube can be used to shoot steel shot.

How can I tell if my shotgun is steel shot?

the words “steel shot” and a fleur de lys proof mark. A: Check the barrel of your gun. The gun will be stamped ‘steel shot ’ and have a fleur de lys proof mark. This shows it will handle high performance steel. These cartridges should only be used in shotguns that have passed the special steel shot proof and bear

Can you use steel shot in a Model 50?

The best people to ask is a good gunsmith and the firearm co gunsmith. I have a mint condition Model 50 with a Full choke and there is No way I would use steel shot in it.

Can a steel shot be used in a Browning?

Of course, this could be a CYA thing from Browning, but they are pretty emphatic about steel in Belgian guns. CIP, on the other hand, has a series of recommendations for the use of steel shot in older guns not proofed for steel.