What is a SPD code?

What is a SPD code?

Separation program designator (SPD) codes are three-character alphabetic combinations that identify reasons for, and types of, separation from active duty. The primary purpose of SPD codes is to provide statistical accounting of reasons for separation.

Is uncharacterized discharge considered honorable?

The usual discharge characterizations are honorable, general (or under honorable conditions), under other than honorable (and uncharacterized), bad conduct, and dishonorable. There are additional types of discharge characterizations for officers, but we will be discussing the more common characterizations.

What is a separation code?

Military Separation Codes are located on form DD214 and are used to categorize hundreds of reasons for a veteran’s separation from the military. Officially, the Department of Defense no longer allows the military to release the definitions to the public, but they are still widely available.

What is separation code RBD?

RBD – Retirement – 20 – 30 Years Service. RFJ – Permanent Disability – Retired.

Why does my dd214 say uncharacterized?

The uncharacterized is given if you haven’t completed your contracted duration of service. It could be something like a Medical Discharge or a Hardship Discharge. You can file an appeal to the Board of Review for Correction of Military Records.

What does separation code Jjd mean?

JJD – Court Martial, Other. JKA – Discreditable Incidents – Civilian or Military. JKB – Civil Court conviction. JKD – AWOL, Desertion.

What do you need to know about NGB form 22?

Tap on the profile icon to edityour financial details. Got It All About NGB Form 22: National Guard Members & VA Loans Elizabeth StapletonJun 11, 2018 Share Veterans and service members who want access to VA benefits must provide certain documentation.

What does the military separation code BLF stand for?

Military Separation Codes – Alphabetical Separation Code Definition BLF Drug use BLM Unfitness (Reason Unknown) BM Insufficient Retainability (Economic Rea BML Homosexuality

What are the separation codes for the Army?

One of the following Separation Codes (SPD) must be in block 26: GRA, GRB, GRC, HRA, HRB, or HRC. Character of Service must be Honorable (no other misconduct was a basis for their discharge). Processing Procedures. Prior service applicants that meet the eligibility criteria listed in item one of this note may be accepted for further processing.

When does separation occur in the Air Force?

This instruction explains how to control, prepare, and distribute separation documents and control lists of Separation Program Designator (SPD) codes. Separation occurs when members of the Air Force (AF) leave active duty, move from one active duty status to another, or are discharged, retired, transferred, dismissed, or released.