What is the most expensive airsoft gun?

What is the most expensive airsoft gun?

Behold the most expensive airsoft gun in world. We think you’ll agree, it’s a piece of work… This $10,000 monstrosity comes packed with a smorgasbord of attachments with dubious usefulness including scopes, a tactical spork and even a loo roll holder.

What’s the best brand of airsoft gun?

The Best Airsoft Brands In 2020

  • Tokyo Marui. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Marui is a world-famous airsoft manufacturer known for producing high quality airsoft guns and ammo.
  • Umarex.
  • Laylax.
  • Krytac.
  • PTS Syndicate.
  • ASG.
  • G&G Airsoft.
  • Lancer Tactical.

Can a 11 year old have a airsoft gun?

There’s no minimum age to play airsoft in the U.S. That’s because airsoft guns are not classified as firearms. Anyone can use an airsoft gun and other gear, provided they’re doing so under the law. If you’re below 18 years, however, most California airsoft fields require you to have a signed waiver from your parents.

What is the number one airsoft brand?

Tokyo Marui has always been the most consistent brand making them the best choice for aftermarket manufactures that make upgrade parts for them. While some of their pistols might feature plastic slides, the quality of their overall products set their brand apart as the best airsoft gun brand.

Which is the best airsoft gun to buy?

Best airsoft guns under $200. 1 Elite Force 1911 Airsoft Pistol Gun. Power – 345 to 370 FPS. Type – CO2 Blowback. Magazine – 14 rounds. BB’s – 0.20grams. This list could not have 2 GLOCK GEN 4 G17. 3 G&G CM16 RAIDER SHORT COMBAT MACHINE. 4 LANCER TACTICAL CM028 AK47. 5 CYBERGUN FAMAS AEG AIRSOFT RIFLE.

What can I buy at the airsoft station?

Why buy from Airsoft Station? Airsoft Station is the home of everything you need to dominate the airsoft field. Whether you’re an airsoft starter or a seasoned expert, you can find everything from spring airsoft guns, pistols to gas rifles, electric guns to airsoft grenades.

Which is better electric or plastic airsoft rifles?

We at Airsoft Sation strongly recommend that when you purchase electric airsoft rifles you stick to those that have a full metal gearbox, as these are much more durable than their plastic counterparts.