What is the possessive of entity?

What is the possessive of entity?

If two or more possessors possess the same entity, then add “apostrophe ‑s” to the last possessor. Juan and Marlene’s children (Juan and Marlene are mom and dad). But if each possessor separately possesses, then add “apostrophe ‑s” to each possessor.

What is the plural of entity?

entity. noun. en·​ti·​ty | \ ˈen-ti-tē \ plural entities.

Is it business or business’s?

“The business’s most valuable assets” is correct because business is singular. (Businesses is the plural of business.)

Can an organization be possessive?

Put a possessive apostrophe in a name if the organisation does. Use an apostrophe only when it forms part of the official name of an organisation.

When to use possessive form?

The general rule is that the possessive of a singular noun is formed by adding an apostrophe and s, whether the singular noun ends in s or not. The possessive of a plural noun is formed by adding only an apostrophe when the noun ends in s, and by adding both an apostrophe and s when it ends in a letter other than s.

How do you make staff possessive?

With a plural noun ending in s, form the possessive by adding only an apostrophe: three employees’ paychecks and two bosses’ recommendations, not three employee’s paychecks and two bosses’s recommendations. Here’s a rule of thumb: First make the noun plural or singular; then add the apostrophe.

How do you use the word entity?

Entity in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Just because they are twins does not mean they are the same entity.
  2. Wanting to build his own entity, the man left his job and started his own company.
  3. The scientist discovered an otherwise unknown entity and looked to determine its origin.

What is the correct possessive form of business?

The spelling business’s is a possessive form (of, about, or owned by one business). The spelling of the plural of business is businesses, and the plural possessive is businesses’. Single possessive of business? Possessive of the singular business is business’s; possessive of the plural businesses is businesses’.

How do you say possessive in business?

The plural possessive of “business” is “businesses’,” as in “The businesses’ awnings had to be rolled in by 9:00.”

Is a company name possessive?

To form the possessive of a company name, add ‘s to the end of the name.