What is tungsten matrix shot?

What is tungsten matrix shot?

Tungsten Matrix is the most innovative non-toxic shot on the market; produced specifically to mimic both the physical and ballistic characteristics of premium lead shot. It consists of a blend of pure tungsten powder and polymer binding which is guaranteed to hit harder than any other non-toxic shot on the market.

Is tungsten shot safe for old shotguns?

Tungsten shot is typically a combination of tungsten and either a plastic polymer or iron. Similar to the lead-like qualities of the bismuth non-toxic shot, tungsten works well with older barrels or high-grade fixed choke barrels, making it a great choice for older shotguns.

Can you use tungsten shot for waterfowl?

Tungsten Super Shot is the rage among turkey hunters these days, but it works on ducks and geese, too. The extreme density of TSS (50 percent denser than lead) changes shot size selection radically because small, dense pellets penetrate deeply.

Why is tungsten shot so expensive?

Pure tungsten on its own is prohibitively expensive for use in ammunition and is also on the soft side. When mixed with metals like iron through a sintering process, however, it attains a balance of density and hardness that makes it deadlier at longer ranges and also guarantees cleaner kills.

How is tungsten shot made?

Tungsten super shot is made by mixing powdered tungsten and iron through a process known as sintering, which yields smooth, round pellets that exceed the density of lead while offering a significant improvement in hardness over traditional lead cartridges.

How good is bismuth shot?

In terms of weight and density, bismuth is very close to pure lead shot, offering similar killing power. Indeed, Brown found an excellent non-toxic substitute for lead that is bore-safe in the finest of guns, and also effective downrange.

Is steel shot harder than tungsten?

Tungsten is definitely harder than steel, and as such, there have been a flood of warnings about not shooting it in ultra-high-end guns or through standard chokes. It will leave marks in a choke tube, but as of yet, I’ve not seen any adverse effects in a barrel.

Is tungsten better than lead shot?

Tungsten super shot (TSS) is a tungsten-alloy material that has a density that is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten, and 56 percent more dense than lead. To break that down, tungsten is lethal at longer distances. #9 shot is more lethal than #5 lead shot, as a result, more pellets fit into one shell.

Is tungsten shot harder than steel?

Who makes the hardest lead shot?

Based on this independent testing, Remington STS shotshells have the hardest shot on the market with an average Brinell Hardness Number of 9.94. The Remington shot tested came right out of new box of Nitro 27 shotshells.