What principle of operation does the M9 service pistol uses?

What principle of operation does the M9 service pistol uses?

By pulling the trigger the trigger bar is drawn forward pivoting the safety lever. This action lifts the firing pin safety lock freeing the firing pin and moving the sear thereby releasing the hammer. The M9 uses the blowback principle of operation of thrust the barrel/slide group rearward against recoil spring.

How many safety devices does the M9 service pistol have?

The three M9 Service Pistol safeties are Decocking/safety lever, Firing pin block, and half-cock notch. THE FOUR SAFETY RULES. Never point a weapon at any thing you do not intend to shoot.

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What does the barrel assembly on a M9 do?

The barrel assembly houses the round for firing, director projectile, and locks the barrel and position during firing. Recoil spring The recoil spring absorbs recoil. It returns the slide forward. Recoil spring guide The recoil spring guide keeps the recoil spring straight and properly positioned. Locking block

What’s the condition of an M9 service pistol?

When the pistol fails to eject the casing, causing the brass to be caught between the chamber and the slide. In the Administrative Transfer the M9 Service Pistol condition is: Condition 4 with the slide locked to the rear. A round can remain chambered in the M9 Service Pistol after removal of the magazine.

What does the slide and barrel assembly do?

The slide and barrel assembly houses the firing pin and extractor and cocks the hammer during the recoil cycle. The barrel houses the cartridge for firing and directs the projectile.

How does the magazine work on a M9?

The Magazine Assembly holds 15 cartridges in place for feeding and clambering of ammunition. As the last round is fired, the Magazine Spring exerts upward pressure on the Magazine Follower. This process exerts upward pressure on the Slide Stop and locks the Slide in the rear position, indicating that the magazine is empty.