Where can I get my Archer airgun repaired?

Where can I get my Archer airgun repaired?

Your airgun repaired and more… Every Archer Airguns repair customer receives a completed repair docket with your returned, repaired airgun. This repair docket is signed by the specialist who performed the repair and confirms all the steps undertaken, together with notes as applicable.

Is there an authorized repair center for airguns?

We repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, and are an authorized warranty repair center. General repair includes all seals, valve springs and oil. We also clean, degrease and oil your airgun, and will make that old bb or pellet gun shoot like it was young again!

What to do with an old air rifle?

(Because of course it could fall into the wrong hands.) What you should do with an old air rifle is take it to the police or a registered firearms dealer for disposal and, “while doing so, check with them to see if it has any value. You never know, you might be surprised.”

What’s the best way to repair an airgun?

Our specialty is in repairing airguns, but we can perform some very minor restoration work upon request. We try to preserve as much of the original finish on vintage guns as possible but we also can restore the metal or wood. Please note that painted airguns will look painted. Refinished wood will look refinished.

How long does it take to repair a Crosman airgun?

We use factory-specified lubricants and some special Crosman designed fixtures (as used on the Crosman production line) to ensure high quality reassembly. You receive a 90-day warranty on the repair.

What to do if your airgun has a leak?

Your airgun will be inspected, cleaned, reassembled with the correct parts and lubrication, leak tested and Chrony tested. You will be emailed when we ship it back to you. You also receive documented proof of the work undertaken and the replaced parts that were removed from your airgun.