Which body systems are affected by Agent Orange?

Which body systems are affected by Agent Orange?

Short-term exposure to dioxin can cause darkening of the skin, liver problems and a severe acne-like skin disease called chloracne. Additionally, dioxin is linked to type 2 diabetes, immune system dysfunction, nerve disorders, muscular dysfunction, hormone disruption and heart disease.

What diseases did Agent Orange cause?

Many medical conditions are associated with Agent Orange exposure. Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and several forms of cancer are among the diseases caused by Agent Orange. If you were exposed to Agent Orange during military service, you may qualify for VA disability benefits.

Is there a link between Agent Orange and dementia?

New research suggests Vietnam War veterans, who reported being exposed to Agent Orange, were two times as likely to be diagnosed with dementia than non-exposed veterans. Exposure to Agent Orange was also associated with a diagnosis of dementia at a somewhat younger age.

Is there a connection between Agent Orange and arthritis?

With respect to the veteran’s claim for service connection as a residual of exposure to Agent Orange, the Board notes that the disabilities that have been positively associated with Agent Orange do not include arthritis of any form.

What are the long term effects of Agent Orange exposure?

Unfortunately, Agent Orange exposure has led to long-term health effects in many Vietnam era veterans, including multiple myeloma, Parkinson’s Disease, and various types of cancer.

What kind of diseases can be caused by Agent Orange?

The CDC notes that AO causes a higher risk of leukemia, lymphoma, throat cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, soft tissue sarcoma and liver cancer. Aside from liver cancer, the U.S. Veterans Administration also found that Agent Orange and dioxin can cause all of the conditions above.

What happens to a fetus exposed to Agent Orange?

Developing fetuses are sensitive to dioxin exposure, and Agent Orange exposure is linked to increased miscarriage rates, spina bifida, and other brain and nervous system disorders. Is there health care available for veterans exposed to Agent Orange?

Is there a connection between Agent Orange and COPD?

Agent Orange is known to cause cancer, and other health conditions, but for those with COPD (and many other respiratory diseases) there is still a possible connection.

Are there any veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange?

And we assume that Veterans who served in certain locations were exposed to Agent Orange. We refer to this as presumptive exposure. When sound medical and scientific evidence shows that an illness is caused by Agent Orange exposure, we add it to our list of presumptive diseases.