Who made noble shotguns?

Who made noble shotguns?

Smith & Wesson bought patents and tooling for a 12 ga. shotgun design [the Noble Model 66 -cnb] from Noble Manufacturing Co. in 1972 [after Noble ceased operation -cnb] and produced it as the Model 916, 916T, and 916A.

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Where can I find the serial number of my shotgun?

Remington, Browning and Mossberg, three of the world’s largest shotgun manufacturers, provide online tools that will let you use your serial number to find out more details about your weapon. Buy or borrow a copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values, published by Blue Book Publications, Inc. There are more than 1.3 million copies in print as of 2010.

What kind of shotgun is the noble 1?

Based off the AR15 platform with familiar design and function, the Noble 1 shotgun from Emperor Arms is a semi-automatic magazine-fed shotgun, complete with a synthetic fixed stock with an adjustable cheek rest. The Noble 1 includes removable flip-up sights. Comes with a one-year warranty.

What’s the average value of a noble gun?

In business between 1946 and 1971. Company manufactured a variety of plain utilitarian firearms. In general, these arms are all worth approximately the same, that is, less than $200 in excellent condition. Noble firearms represent an attractive opportunity for beginning collectors, as most can be had very inexpensively.

How much does a noble 1 magazine cost?

The Noble 1 includes removable flip-up sights. Comes with a one-year warranty. Try this firearm out at our shooting range with one loaded magazine (ammo included) for $9.99 before buying.