Who sold JC Higgins guns?

Who sold JC Higgins guns?

J.C. Higgins Model 20, a 12, 16, or 20-gauge pump-action shotgun manufactured by High Standard, Model 200. SEARS AND ROEBUCK Who Manufactured the guns that they sold.

How much is a Sears and Roebuck 22 rifle worth?

What is a SEARS ROEBUCK rifle Worth? A SEARS ROEBUCK rifle is currently worth an average price of $220.59 used .

Who made Sears 22 rifles?

Marlin Firearms
J.C. Higgins Model 103.13, Sears model 25, bolt action tube fed . 22 S-L-LR rifle. Made by Marlin Firearms.

How much could you buy a gun for from the Sears catalog?

In 1902 you could purchase a Marlin model 1892, 1893 or 1894 for $10 to $13.25 apiece from the Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue. Back in 1960 you could buy a . 55 caliber anti-tank gun for under $100.

What kind of rifle does j.c.higgins make?

J.C. Higgins Model 52 a bolt action 22 Hornet made by SAKO, Model L46. J.C. Higgins Model 60, A semi automatic Shotgun Manufactured by High Standard, (unsure of exact model) J.C. Higgins Model 80, A semi automatic .22 LR pistol, a copy of the Hi Standard M101 with a brown plastic target grip, mfg. by Hi Standard.

Is the j.c.higgins brand still in use?

J. C. Higgins. The J.C. Higgins brand for Sears sporting goods was replaced with the Ted Williams brand. Many of the more durable J.C. Higgins products are still available as second hand items. The brand name, J. C. Higgins, was based on a real person, John Higgins who was a Sears employee.

Is the j.c.higgins Model 25 semi automatic?

J.C. Higgins Model 25, a semi-automatic .22 LR made by High Standard, Model A1041. J.C. Higgins Model 30, a semi-automatic .22 LR with a retractable sling made by High Standard, Similar to High standard Model 30.

What did j.c.higgins do for Sears?

By the 1940s, J.C. Higgins represented all Sears fishing, boating and camping equipment. After the Second World War, Sears consolidated all sporting goods under the J.C. Higgins brand name and added it to a line of luggage.