Why are pre-64 Winchesters better?

Why are pre-64 Winchesters better?

A pre-64 Winchester ’94 is prized for the machining and the use of screws rather than cheap pins in the manufacture. a post-64 rifle “rattles” a lot more when you shake it than a pre-64 model does. The pre-64 Winchesters were just made better.

What is a pre-64 WINCHESTER 94 worth?

It seems that the majority of Pre-64 model 94 Winchesters average between $450-$650 depending on condition and of course if someone really wants it. There are people that are asking more, but there were literally hundreds of thousands of these produced and that tends to keep the price down. Take care and good luck.

What kind of gun is the pre 1964?

Surely among the most beloved firearms of all time are the Winchester pre 1964 Model 94 carbines. These graceful little rifles are a study in functional walnut and steel.

When was the Winchester Model 94 model 64 made?

Most of the shortcomings of the post 1963 Model 94s were eventually corrected, but the pre ’64 versions remain the most desirable of all Winchester Model 94s. Which brings us to the subject of this classic gun test, a Model 94 carbine manufactured in 1961. This example is in excellent condition. It shows practically no wear, inside or out.

Is the 30-30 Winchester a good hunting cartridge?

Ammunition for the 30-30 is available anywhere and remains economical compared to other hunting cartridges. Still, reloading the 30-30 is a worthwhile endeavor and the best-shooting loads I have ever fired were born of my battered old Pacific press. Brass is abundant and the cartridge lends itself well to reloading.

What was the purpose of the 30-30 Winchester?

In its heyday, common 30-30 loads were used on all manner of game including some large, irritable species with a propensity for vacuuming the human gene pool. In 1895 John Horton of Kalispel, MT used one to kill a huge grizzly that had terrorized that area, killing men and cattle, for nearly 20 years.