Are parkerized barrels any good?

Are parkerized barrels any good?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a parkerized non-chrome lined barrel. There is a good chance it’ll be more accurate than one that has the chrome lining. With proper maintenance and lube this type of barrel will serve you well.

Is parkerized better than stainless?

While Stainless is more resistant overall ..the porous surface of Parkerized absorbs and holds things very well.. including oils Or a quality rust protection(like Eezox) which drys on and doesn’t have to be applied nearly as frequently as say on a blued gun and therefore is much lower maintenance than a Blued gun.

Does parkerized finish rust?

Without the oil or grease, a Parkerized finish will rust faster than more common (and advanced) finishes. Those guns would resist rust in most all conditions — because the Parkerized steel was impregnated with grease.

Is parkerized better than blued?

Bluing is a rust coating. It will scratch and wear in contact areas. Parkerizing is a thicker chemical coating which does not scratch as easily. It is also has a rougher looking texture.

What is better Parkerized or nitride?

Phosphate is just basic parkerizing and will provide minimum corrosion resistance. It’s also porous and will make cleaning more difficult. Nitride is even harder and more corrosion resistant than chrome lining and produces sharper rifling which increase accuracy.

How much should I spend on an AR barrel?

If you’re going to spend money spend it first on a decent barrel. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get good quality, accurate barrels for under $200. Really good barrels will run between $400 and $1000 but these are targeted for match or specialty use and you’re paying for those margins of performance.

What does a parkerized finish look like?

Appearance and use. Zinc phosphating results in a non-reflective, light- to medium-gray finish. Manganese phosphating produces a medium- to dark-gray or black finish. Iron phosphating produces a black or dark gray finish similar to manganese phosphating.

Can a blued gun be parkerized?

“You can finish a parkerized finished handgun with a polished blue. However, the cost is much more expensive, and the polished blue finish will show all finger prints and scratches very easily.

How long do nitride barrels last?

The nitrided barrels lasted an average of 28,000 shots before rejection.

What is the purpose of the Parkerizing process?

The Parkerizing technique is a Phosphate etching process that produces a Hard Matte or Dull finish that is both very Durable and Anti Reflective and with excellent oil holding properties.

Why was Parkerizing used in World War 2?

Just The Facts Parkerizing or Phosphating is a Metal Finish that really gained in popularity during WW2 when the US Government was looking to replace the typical blued finish on most small arms with a Rust Resistant and Anti Reflective Finish that would be both Durable and Abrasion Resistant and hold up in all weather extremes,…

Which is easier to use, parkerizing or bluing?

Either type of Parkerizing Finishes will offer much more protection from harsh weather than bluing, and is very simple to apply and maintain. Parkerizing is much easier to use than bluing because as it is a Matte Finish the parts or items you want to Parkerize do not have to be polished, they can be acid dipped, sanded,…

How long does it take to Parkerize a metal?

Parkerizing is an immersion process requiring the solution to be heated to approximately 190 + degrees and the dipping time can range from 5-45 Minutes or so, depending on the hardness of the metal and the desired Finish.