Are there any 410 gauge shotguns for sale?

Are there any 410 gauge shotguns for sale?

American Arms – Side Lock Ejector – .410 Bore – Long LOP – Checkered Butt! This outstanding 410 ga. Shotgun was made in 1966 with 28″ barrels with 3″ chambers marked Skt.&Skt., but measures tighter like IC or Mod. It is in as new, all original condition show …Click for more info $5950. Plus shipping

Is the H & are pardner.410 a good gun?

The .410 lives for the dreaded copper-headed water rattlers that inhabit these parts. The .410 a good small game gun. It is a must for those living in the country. It is the bare minimum for taking on rabid critters like raccoons, or foxes (both of which I’ve seen in my short five years in central Virginia). It is good for running off feral dogs.

When did the Browning Citori skeet 410 GA come out?

Browning Citori skeet 410 ga Made in 1983 and still in great condition. Shows very little wear to the metal and wood. Would make a great sporting clays gun or a nice addition to any Browning collectio …Click for more info

How much does a H & are 410 cost?

Instead, H&R is making a rugged and dependable gun that is also affordable. This one sells for somewhere between $150 and $200, depending on the market and availability. Where I live in Virginia, out in the sticks, utilitarian .410s often come into the stores and go out on the same day.

Which is the best percussion shotgun for sale?

This original 11 gauge single muzzleloading shotgun has a tapered octagon to nine flats to double wedding bands to round 33-1/2″ Damascus barrel with a good bore. Inscribed on …Click for more info For sale is a Westley Richard percussion double barrel shotgun made 1846 s/n 6001. Westley Richards is among the best English makers.

Where does the name Diamond come from on a shotgun?

The gun is what is known as a “Trade Brand Name” shotgun. That is a shotgun made by a major maker for and sold by a wholesaler or retailer who chose the name to go on the gun. I have listings for two guns with the name Diamond. One is just plain Diamond and it was made by the Stevens Arms & Tool Company of Chicopee Falls.MA.

How big is the barrel of an antique shotgun?

Gun has a unique barrel 23 inches in length. High quality gun with Walnut stock retaining most original varnish. Sharp checkering. Nice gold inlay and engraved trigger guard. Sling swivels. Back actio …Click for more info

When did J Stevens make the 530 double action shotgun?

In 1940, the J. Stevens Arms Co. introduced a Tenite stocked version of their Stevens No. 530 double with the 5100 action, as the No. 530M. After WW-II, Savage Arms Corp. consolidated their arms making operations at their Stevens factories in Chicopee Falls, Mass.

What’s the price of a Henry 410 shotgun?

Henry Lever-Action X Model .410 Shotgun with Black Synthetic Stock. $1,000.00 $949.99. In Stock. Brand: Henry. Item Number: H018X-410.

Which is the best 410 shotgun for home defense?

Best 410 Shotgun for Home Defense: Mossberg Model 500 Classic 1 Compact all-purpose and popular shotgun 2 Blued hardwood finish and 5+1 round capacity 3 Drilled and tapped receiver to accept rail/mounts 4 Dual extractor and anti-jam elevator for smooth operation 5 Ambidextrous top-mounted safety and reliable twin bar pump