How do you highlight and copy on a Dell?

How do you highlight and copy on a Dell?

Press and hold the Shift key, and move your selection over it to highlight it. Step 2: Once your file, text, or image is highlighted, hold down the Ctrl key and press the C key to copy it.

How do you select text on a Dell?

To select text I tap, drag across the desired phrase …. and then I have to tap again (or left-click) to complete the selection.

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How do you highlight on a laptop without a mouse?

Press the “Right-arrow” key while keeping the “Shift” key held down. Notice that each time that you press the “Right-arrow” key, a character is highlighted. If you want to highlight a large amount of text, simply hold down the “Right-arrow” key while pressing the “Shift” key.

How do I cut and paste on my Dell laptop?

Press CTRL + C to copy it, and press CTRL + V to paste it in the window. You can also easily paste text you’ve copied from another program into the command prompt using the same shortcut.

How do I use Dell touchpad?

How to Use a Dell Touchpad

  1. Slide your finger across the touch pad to move the cursor.
  2. Tap the surface area of the touch pad once to select an object.
  3. Hover your cursor over an item and double-tap the touch pad to perform a “Double-click.”
  4. Drag and drop items by hovering your cursor over the item.
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How do you drag on a Dell laptop?

Clicking and dragging: To click and drag, you press and continue to hold down the left mouse button and then move (drag) the mouse to another location.

How do you highlight text on a computer screen?

Press and hold down the primary mouse button below the touchpad. While continuing to hold down the button, move another finger (or one from your other hand) along the touchpad in the direction you want to highlight.

How to select long text on Inspiron 3458 laptop?

Hi, I cannot select long texts and drag and drop with the touchpad on my Inspiron 3458 laptop. Whenever I tap on the touchpad and try to move the cursor with another finger, the touchpad does not work and the cursor does not move.

How do you highlight a word on a Chromebook?

You can also use many of the mouse and keyboard tips mentioned in our desktop and laptop section on a Chromebook. Press and hold down on the starting word with your finger. Once that word is highlighted, drag your finger over any additional text to select it as well. When you’re finished highlighting, lift your finger.

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How to highlight or select text-Computer Hope?

To highlight with the keyboard, move to the starting location using the arrow keys. Then, hold down the Shift, and press the arrow key in the direction you want to highlight.