Is the Sako A7 a good rifle?

Is the Sako A7 a good rifle?

Sako no longer makes the A7, but it is a great rifle. It has a lightweight composite stock and a stainless threaded barrel. It weighs just 3 kg (roughly 6.61 pounds) with a 620mm barrel (roughly 24.40 inches) in a magnum caliber. The bolt is super smooth and easy to throw when you need to cycle the rifle.

What is the highest grain 308 bullet?

Assuming you mean the cartridge conventionally known as ‘. 308 Winchester’, ballistics and personal experience seems to agree that anything north of 180 grains is pushing your luck. And considering that one of the most accurate loads involve either the 168 or 178 grain MGHPBT, that seems to be a fair assessment.

What is the best bullet weight for 308?

The 6 Best Big-Game Loads for the . 308 Winchester

  1. Remington Core-Lokt 180-grain PSP RN. This load hits hard and makes a big hole.
  2. Hornady Precision Hunter 178-grain ELD-X.
  3. Barnes Vor-TX Tipped Triple Shock (TTSX) 150-grain.
  4. Federal Fusion 150-grain MSR.
  5. Hornady Custom Lite 125-grain SST.
  6. Nosler Custom 165-grain AccuBond.

Is the Sako A7 discontinued?

Sako A7 are discontinued – 24hourcampfire.

What’s the name of the Sako 308 grain cartridge?

Sako .308″ Win. 123 Grain cartridges ? I used to have an old .270 with T8 Reflex, and used Federal Powershok 130’s which I used for foxes and deer. I have now bought myself a new Tikka T3 Lite stainless / synthetic, in .308 win. calibre, along with a new T8 Reflex.

What kind of round is Sako 123 grain?

I have bought a box of Federal Powershok 150’s to try although have also bought ( on the advice of Gregor McLeod of R. Mcleod’s of Tain – where I bought the rifle ) some Sako Gamehead 123 grain. He seems to sell a lot of them, although mainly in .270, and he tells me that they are a very flat shooting round.

What kind of barrel does the Sako A7 have?

The A7 sports the same cold hammer forged, free-floating barrel as all of Sako’s other rifles. Understandable, as this has proved itself over decades of use. Unsurprisingly, the rifle shot very well. I would have been shocked if it hadn’t, since it combines aspects of two rifles that are well known for producing the goods straight out the box.

What kind of ammo does a Sako Forester use?

Regardless, there is far too much emphasis being put on twist these days, presumably coming from the paramilitary shooters who, for whatever reason, are shooting extremely heavy-for-caliber bullets in their .223’s. A Sako Forester .308, whatever its twist, will adequately stabilize any conventional spitzer up through 180 grains.