What causes the action on a Remington 742 to jam?

What causes the action on a Remington 742 to jam?

It sounds like you have a Remington 742, commonly called the Remington JamOMatic. Part of the problem with the 742 is the receiver wears, which causes the action to jam up. And unfortunately, Remington realized the problem and offered a trade-in on a newer model, but that deal is long gone.

Why does my Remington 7400 keep jamming?

If it is factory loads that are the problem it could be that the gun needs a thorough cleaning after a complete tear down with emphasis on the locking area of the barrel and the internal area of the chamber. In fact, if I cleaned it and it still did it then I’d take it to a gunsmith and have him completely tear the gun down, clean and inspect it.

What to do if your Remington 750 jams?

Recently I purchased a 750 in 35 Whelen which had the opposite problem, i.e. rounds were popping up at too great an angle resulting in jam into top of chamber only on right side of magazine. Using same procedure of 15 years ago but bending inward on magazine lip until proper feed angle was achieved resulted in flawless feed for the new rifle.

Is there a fix for a Remington 30.06 jamming problem?

Unfortunately there is no fix for this and the gun cannot be repaired. As stated below, Remington did offer a buy back of sorts when they realized that there was a defect however nothing is offered now. In fact, most gun shops will not purchase these models, and if they do, they offer about $50 for parts.

How old is the Remington 30.06 semi auto?

I have a Remington 30.06 semi-auto that is about 30 years old and I’ve had problems with it jamming up on me after one or two shots. I bought the gun new, so it’s not some used gun I bought.

Why does my Remington 30.06 jam when I reload?

The bullet casing doesn’t want to eject out of the barrel and when it goes to reload, the next bullet just slams into the back of the exhausted one still in the chamber. I’ve had it in and cleaned, but it still jams.

What kind of magazines are in Remington 742?

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