What does 0847 mean?

What does 0847 mean?

P0847: Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch “B” Circuit Low OBD-II Trouble Code. The P0847 DTC means that there is a low voltage situation on the circuit that the transmission fluid pressure sensor operates on.

Do Marine artillery see combat?

Marines trained in field artillery MOS specialties operate howitzer cannon and rocket systems in support of infantry and armor objectives. All Marine Corps field artillery and armor MOS careers offer the possibility of direct combat at the front lines.

How do you become a Marine artillery?

Marines must have a general technical or GT score of 90 or above on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to qualify as field artillery cannoneers.

What Mos are the Marine Corps getting rid of?

Four MOSs will be cut as part of the plan: 1812, armor Marine; 1869, senior armor staff noncommissioned officer; 2146, main battle tank repairer/technician; and 1802, tank officer.

What is a TFP sensor?

The transmission fluid pressure (TFP) sensor, or switch, is used to determine internal transmission pressure. The TFP is a type of sensor called a transducer, which changes internal resistance relative to pressure. The powertrain control module (PCM) sends a reference voltage (typically 5 volts) to the sensor.

How do you fix P0841?

What Repairs Will Fix P0841?

  1. Change transmission fluid and filter.
  2. Repair leaks.
  3. Repair or replace damaged wiring and connectors.
  4. Replace transmission fluid pressure sensor.
  5. Repair or replace torque converter.
  6. Repair or replace valve body.
  7. Replace transmission pump.
  8. Replace pressure control solenoid.

How long is USMC artillery School?

six weeks
The Marine Corps Cannon Crewman Advanced Course is six weeks, 27 training days. This course is designed to train senior cannoneers in the grades of Staff Sergeant through Master Gunnery Sergeant in accordance with NAVMC 3500.7, Artillery Training and Readiness Manual.

What does 0311 mean in the Marines?

infantry rifleman
MOS 0311 is the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for infantry rifleman. It is the primary infantry MOS for the Marine Corps.

Are Marines getting rid of MP?

The Commandant is getting rid of the 3 law enforcement battalions. They are not needed to support the Navy’s mission. The MP MOS will remain.

Are there military police in the Marines?

Marine Corps Officers can be officers in military law enforcement as their primary military occupational specialty. Military police officers are the supervisors, coordinators, and administrators of law enforcement members of the military team of enlisted and civilian law enforcement professionals.

Who are the field artillery operators in the USMC?

Field Artillery Radar Operator 0844 Field Artillery Fire Control Man 0846 Artillery Scout Observer 0847 Artillery Meteorological Man 0848 Field Artillery Operations Man

What do you need to know about mos-0844?

The position is a mathematics-heavy position. Applicants for MOS-0844 must possess a GT score of at least 105, and higher is preferred. They must complete the Field Artillery Fire Control Marine Course and have a secret security clearance or be eligible for one. They must be U.S. citizens.

Who are the MOS’s in the Marine Corps?

Marine Corps MOS List MOS Name Rank 0220 Surveillance sensor officers supervise t Warrant Officer 0231 Intelligence Specialist Enlisted 0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist Enlisted 0251 Interrogator/Debriefer Enlisted

Who are the men in the USMC?

Field Artillery Radar Operator 0844 Field Artillery Fire Control Man 0846 Artillery Scout Observer 0847 Artillery Meteorological Man 0848 Field Artillery Operations Man 0849 Shore Fire Control Party Man 0861 Observer Liaison Man 0891 Field Artillery Chief