What does approximate value mean?

What does approximate value mean?

An approximate value by defect of a number is a value that is close to this number, less than it, as close as possible, and with a requested level of precision. …

What does it mean when you say approximate?

1 : nearly correct or exact : close in value or amount but not precise an approximate solution an approximate date. 2 : located close together approximate leaves. approximate. verb. ap·​prox·​i·​mate | \ ə-ˈpräk-sə-ˌmāt \

What is an example of approximate?

The definition of approximate is a time or a tangible item which is close to something else but not exactly like it. Stating that a play will start at 7:00 when it will actually start a few minutes after that is an example of the time of 7:00 being an approximate time.

Why is it called the approximate mean?

As a verb, approximate means “to estimate.” Unlike the word guess, approximate implies the use of a logical or mathematical method. As an adjective, approximate can mean “near” or “close together.” If your friend calls to say he’s at a location approximate to your house, she’s in your neighborhood.

What is the approximate value of pie?

the approximate value of pi (π) is 3.14159265359 or 227 . Although it is generally used as 227 or 3.14 or 3.1416 , the most accurate fraction equivalent to π is 355113 .

How do you use approximate?

(1) The approximate time is three o’clock. (2) The cost given is only approximate. (3) The train’s approximate time of arrival is 10.30. (4) The approximate date of his departure is next month.

What does approximate age mean?

adj. 1 almost accurate or exact.

What is a good sentence for approximate?

What is approximate area?

We find the area of each rectangle by multiplying the height by the width. Then, the sum of the rectangular areas approximates the area between f(x) and the x-axis. When the left endpoints are used to calculate height, we have a left-endpoint approximation.

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List of Perfect Squares

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100 10,000 10.000

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What is another word to use for approximate value?

What is another word for approximate value? Need synonyms for approximate value? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Find more words!

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