What is Balanced Lifestyle Strategy Drawdown?

What is Balanced Lifestyle Strategy Drawdown?

The Royal London Balanced Lifestyle Strategy (Drawdown) automatically reduces the investment risk as members move closer to retirement. It gradually switches from higher to lower risk Governed Portfolios, ending in our Governed Retirement Income Portfolio 3 from which members can take a regular income.

What is a balanced lifestyle tracker fund?

The fund uses a two-stage investment process called lifestyling. It aims to perform better than its benchmark in the early years (the growth stage) and give you more certainty about the amount of pension you can buy via an annuity when you retire (the lifestyle stage).

Are Royal London governed portfolios actively managed?

Each strategy invests the equity portion in an actively managed global equity fund, the RLP Global Managed fund. However there are alternative passive tracker and active equity management options if you prefer.

What are lifestyle strategies?

The Lifestyle strategies are for members who want their individual account to follow a pre-set investment approach. In the Lifestyle strategies, the money in your individual account will automatically move between funds, according to how long you have until your Target Retirement Age .

What is a governed portfolio?

Our Governed Portfolios are a range of off-the-shelf investment solutions built for customers looking to save into a pension. We have nine risk graded portfolios designed to take care of ongoing suitability requirements to help you meet the needs of your client.

What is a pension lifestyle strategy?

A lifestyle strategy is a type of investment that automatically adjusts how your pension is invested over time, gradually moving into lower risk funds as you get closer to your selected retirement age.

What is Royal London profit share?

ProfitShare awards will be based on the value of the retirement savings you have invested with us on the date they’re awarded. ProfitShare also includes any pension transfers and single contributions you make to your plan – not just any regular contributions you make.

What are 2 lifestyle changes that could reduce the stress in our lives?

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle Exercise regularly. Reduce caffeine and sugar. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. Get enough sleep.

What is a GIS pension?

The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) is a monthly payment you can get if: you are 65 or older. you live in Canada. you get the Old Age Security (OAS) pension. your income is below $19,248 if you are single, widowed, or divorced.

What do you need to know about Royal London?

To give you an idea of your attitude to risk, you can use our Risk Profiler. All you need to do is tell us how you feel about risk and what your target is for your pension savings when you retire. Remember, the value of your investments could fall as well as rise, and you could get back less than you pay in.

What do you need to know about the balanced lifestyle strategy?

BALANCED LIFESTYLE STRATEGY (DRAWDOWN) ANNUAL REVIEW Introduction This document provides a rolling annual review of the Balanced Lifestyle Strategy (Drawdown) and is designed to assist you in preparing your client reports.

How does the lifestyle strategy help you retire?

Lifestyle Strategy is designed to help you do that. Your investments are gradually switched from. higher to lower risk portfolios as you get closer to. retirement. The Lifestyle Strategy is not compulsory. You can. start or stop it at any time, but it must apply to all. contributions to your plan.

When to move to a lower risk lifestyle strategy?

Our range of Lifestyle strategies move gradually from higher-risk to lower-risk investments as your retirement age gets nearer. Remember, your investments could fall as well as rise and you could get less back than you pay in.