What is feeder pillar used for?

What is feeder pillar used for?

A feeder pillar provides local isolation to your electrical distribution equipment, protecting both the cabling and the transformer from faults. Feeder pillars allow simple and local maintenance to your equipment, reducing site downtime and reducing overall maintenance costs.

What is feeder pillar in electricity?

The function of the feeder pillar is to take in a supply of electrical energy from a transformer and distribute it, via fuseways, to a number of outgoing circuits, providing each with a means of protection and control. In effect they are a very basic form of LV switchboard.

How do feeder pillars work?

Feeder pillars typically supply low voltage power sockets for supplying temporary power to events such as markets, outdoor events and broadcasting. Pillars are available in a variety of specifications, including single and three phase electrical connections and data sockets, as specified by the end user.

What is a mini pillar?

Mini pillars. The last stage before the electricity goes into your home is the mini pillar, which looks like a grey metal box. These are normally located at the end of the street or in parks and they will have the yellow ‘Danger of Death’ sign, so you know to stay away from them.

What does a distribution board do?

A distribution board is the main electrical supply system for any commercial or residential entity. The main cable comes into the distribution board and then via breakers get distributed in the secondary circuits such as lights and plugs. Distribution boards are duly fitted with BS bars, DIN rail, and neutral link.

Why shouldnt you sit on mini pillars?

Mini pillars are small grey boxes which sit on the pavement or pathways. Never sit on them, never try to open the door or poke things inside the mini pillar – the equipment contained within is live and you could get an electric shock.

What kind of power does a feeder pillar provide?

The low voltage electrical supply provided by the feeder pillar cabinets will enable the power distribution from the main LV switch panels and substations to the site electrical infrastructure.

When to use bespoke feeder pillar enclosures?

Feeder Pillars – when specifying a bespoke feeder pillar from pre-wired enclosures that are ready to install, to solutions that challenge convention to take a completely new form, we ensure your power distribution requirements are met.

What are the dimensions of a T & D feeder pillar?

T&D supply both standard and bespoke feeder pillars in a selection of materials, paint finishes and dimensions to meet all indoor and exterior power distribution, control and lighting requirements up to 1,000 volts with IP65 door seal – this includes LV substation and network pillars with DNO supply cut-outs for utility applications.

How is a feeder pillar different from a junction box?

Similar to a junction box, feeder pillar’s protects people from coming into contact with live wires, as well as protecting wires from dust and dampness. Feeder pillars are mounted on the street and are used to control the electrical supply to houses in a neighborhood.